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Actinomyces : yellow granules like sand grains, filaments, cocci, terminal,

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to the anus and just in front of the tip of the tail. Oviparous.

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this soothing effect that potato juice has gained a reputation for

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eye, but above all on the presence of the pathogenic cryptogam.

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fourths the length of the S. Equinum {Male, 23 to 26 mm. by 1.5

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attacks the dog on paws, limbs, abdomen, nose and elsewhere

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rows of teeth, 3 on each side. Four anal shields, more chitinous

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The flank falls in beneath the loins, and the abdomen becomes

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or neck, shoulders, back, loins, rump. Symptoms : Redness, papular erup-

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the Texas fever germ (Piroplasma Bigemina) from ox to ox, as

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abundant under the pleura, both pulmonary and parietal, causing

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manifestations. In an experimental case with five cerebral

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baco decoction (i:io) maybe used very advantageously for the

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art«rio» through the ciipillariea Into the pulmonary veins, may break

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and the stage of the disease. As in the case of other parasitisms

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