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liero are scvrml stones, they have almost always bocome
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pastures from June to October. If this is impossible apply upon
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and male fern. The great drawback as in all ruminants is the
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flake:). It ia powiblu tbat tlicM! flake* (!onn»t of fibrin tliat btu pru-
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destroy this specific hay fever germ, both locally and
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and if a cancer is suspected no time should be lost
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action of the bowels, and as soon as the acute symp-
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patient to try any means that is likely to effect a cure.
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Animals susceptible. It attacks indifferently the llama,
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of displacement the spleen is bnt little below the ribs, and may
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long list of evils, which attend on infestmeut by hookworms in
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Distoma Pelinum, once held to be identical with D. Hepati-
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or auppuratiiig aaos Oial Itave nut been ttdcen ora of. llie vnm tan*
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Viri-JifHir'* Inbon on tho subject of pathological pigments readily
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and rubbing, and by movements of the hind foot and legs when
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vran) preBsuro of the diaphragm, as vrell aa l!ie excessive liyperwoiia
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asites must migrate into the bowels to attain sexual development
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ing the patients. A spoonful of wood tar is put in a pint of water
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sheep, common feeding and drinking troughs. Lesions: Bronchitis, pro-
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sions, sores, pustules, inappetence, wasting, marasmus. Treatment : As for
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vesicles. When rubbed gently, the animal expresses its pleasure
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with oil, and should be kept well apart from filthy hen roosts.
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not at all on the bare face, belly, inner sides of the limbs and
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BM-it'-H, it niay prevent exact exaniinatinii of tlw atirfiioa of the Ihrvr;
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It is prohahl*-, but -jot uKwlutely cvrtain, tliat the lati<-r ait by n-Urd
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the ox. Upon the horse the transferred acarus disappears in a
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ularly the minute six-hooked embryo are introduced into the
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the opposite side, behind the hydatid. There may be palsy of
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but is at least a variety as the segments develop much more
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I. Ricinus : dart with central row of teeth on each side largest though less
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nanne; or we may pre^nbo Infiisum scnnsB eo w posltum or lenitire
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liQoro Iroqucntly it is followed by tl)c symptoms of pcmmncnt ptorare,
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side and the other nostril similarly treated. It may be repeated
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forms a uniform, smooth, parchment-like crust covering the
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other moist medium outside the body of the sheep (months,
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grayling, perch and other fishes harbor the larvae. Other exper-
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the bare patches still retain a few scattered hairs. The itching
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attacks are liable to be intermittent, relief coming with the passage
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found free dusting with freshly burned quicklime effectual,
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as long, and numbers two and three bear the sharp, pointed,
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and the stomach rejects every thing that enters it.
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tUs explatiatinn, l>''ir it lias heon obaenvd that, while tnmtt dct^ tritli
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peated every half hour for three or four doses, and
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bojM) to arrest the (ti&cafic. A« iho not^lastie IUmic, wludi GUs a loss
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The mature female is i mm. in length ; the male somewhat
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and the history of families will often reveal the fact
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Pathogenesis. Some of the victims died suddenly and others
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Infusoria : Monocercomonas Canis (cercos tail, monos one).
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cannot be treated as above directed it may be ripped out and re-
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ponds, lakes or streams ; water from deep wells, in troughs often cletoed,
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oil of turpentine, i part in 16 parts of milk — dose, 2 to 4 ozs., to
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on a glass slide in the sunshine or in a warm room, their presence
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Prevention. This will consist mainly in the avoidance for
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its existence. Of course, deer, and any other host of the adult
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&ot that a diniioulion of the sicrciioa of imnc l>u Xxcn always m»
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given laxative medicine and diet. On the third day, when the
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S. Nodularis. Gullet, gizzard, intestine. Duck, goose.
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ened that all efforts to remove it by hawking increase
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