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pasturage for young sheep of lands known to be infested, of lands

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are occasionally found in decayed teeth and their true nature is

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sent, and in some cases there is a complete loss of

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of the body in their immature condition in foul, stagnant water

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perature and internal congestions. Hence with universal oily

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segments. Length up to 12 feet. Ova polyhedral 75 to 80 /it in

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other localities where it has been recognized. Babes found it in

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(^Rhipicephalus) Caudatus which the same author identifies with

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nerrea by the consUtuents of the bilo depositod in iho tvije Alalpi^

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nasal discharge, sneezing, dyspncea, difficult deglutition, inhalation bron-

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erable extending itching, rubbing, hairs bristle, twist, break, drop, but a

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The free sporocysts pass out with the bile into the duodenum

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debility, anaemia and even death. The affection is dangerous in

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leoond rib, and compress n great ]iart of both lungs.

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chronic bronchitis, or cmpliy^i'itia of tin- hingĀ«, with secondary af-

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of the skin in the pasterns and lower parts of the limbs, with

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quick lime and 100 gallons of water is a commendable mixture.

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echinococcus in liver and heart of every one of the human popu-

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and of bad quality ; there is cicesaive meteorism and often diar-

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bers must be met by vermifuges as in the case of other intestinal

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(Thomas, Neumann). When set free in the bile ducts, bowels,

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rounded papillary processes on the whole back of the female, and

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may, therefore, be altered at will by the manufacturer, it seems

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duction of the first one, and will care it entirely if

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Daily cx|>c:riaiec tcndws that, in closure of the excretory bile-docta, in

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turns, periods, flowers, courses, and being unwell.

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it is due more to the improper habits of the person

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STFitnjnc iiepATTRs, vTvun/aix nr tde i.iTxit (Wajpia-).

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ried breathing, and bloody nasal discharge. The pulse is accel-

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spots are very characteristic. Often the spores are so abundant

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men, and less frequently under the lower jaw. The sheep moves

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and especially near the root of the lungs, the cyst opening into a

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from other species of Dermacentor by the presence of a retro-

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glycerine alone was successful and doubtless a bland oil or vase-

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dations have been observed to coincide with great lo.sses in flocks

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B. Reticulatus and B. Dubius are two closely allied speci-

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in size with the edges elevated and reddened, while

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sites migrating in numbers to the animal which furnishes the

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Mature in bowels. Ovoviviparous : embryos migrate into

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surface prouuiieiioes aud mlcaelioaa way W (liiilinguiiilit^ awl (rots

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in food or water, and undergo partial development in the digestive

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nor cleanliness are duly attended to, and when very abundant

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against evaporation, a saturated solution of hyposulphite or bisul-

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Gllod with blood, or by tbe overloading of one of the lovrvr cxtrumttiuti

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resorted to in ansemic or weakened conditions. Or finally any

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external auditory canal of the ox as deeply as the tympanic mem-

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markablc for lU ricbncM in iiruics and in peculiar cokiring nuttere, tu

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to the asexual stage. To reach maturity its host must be de-

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Like the psoroptes, the symbiotes live on the surface shelter-

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