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grooves along the inner borders of the coxse. This coxal groove

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even bending upward. Intense itching is shown from the begin-

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tlid distended galMuct8,u it b in tlw Uttor by tbo coiopn-SJUOM of Ui«

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tlie diMtu) clxkledoclitH, there may Ix; l>iliarj- utistruotioo, and, if it

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Delafond's cases it attacked the back of the ears, sides of the

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ones bifid, and covering two spicula, was found by Wedl in the

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matopota, Chrysops, Pangonia, Rat-tailed — Eristalis Tenax.

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and S. America ; Colorado of Cuba ; Niaibi of New Grenada ; Mouqui of

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known as linguatula denticulatum. Toward the sixth or

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posits may be easily confounded with miliary tubercle, coccidiosis

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ris, Gonioides, Goniocotes, Decophorus, Trinoton, Colpocephalum , Meno-

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oozing, or red and bleeding. On the detaching of the scab a red

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cough, dyspnoea, choking, morose, snappish, epilepsy, delirium, epistaxis,

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start in this joint, it is liable to run its course rap-

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do not know what the real nature of the trouble is.

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artuol olexvTatioa. On llic otJicr bond, in coauucacing hepatitis, wo

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from itiJhif only you fh all dojbe pie a fed to give way

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ach ; soliped ; Senegal, Tunis, France, Germany, America. Symptoms

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ive nutrition in which the bones of the child remain

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sheep-breeding districts, the larva or scolex having its habitat in

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Scutum with unequal Punctations distribu- Europe, Asia

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spring cannot be successfully maintained. With the advance of

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to 500 diameters. The epidermic products are thus rendered

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above referred to and kept in quarantine for a week.

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apponitilly not ]»iiniLry uiid idiopatliio, but the mult nf a scvom ooq-

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continue the rectum as well may be explored for larvae.

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similarly matured the larvae by feeding them to dog and man. It

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of a diitcvse afr<-rting ull the abdominal Of^ans, parttoulnriy the inte»

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little yolk, debility, paper skin ; pendent, fluctuating belly, dropsy, vertigo,

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of the chunjje of tissue, llut I do not cotisider even Uiis cxpUnatloo

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cause heavy losses of horses, cattle, sheep and swine, and even in

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When two animals or plants, or an animal and plant form an

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The dispo.sal to others of animals affected with scabies, or their

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water through .several moultings, after which they were capable

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the anti-psoric liniments, ointments or dips ; even pure glycerine, bland oil,

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pathogenic. In the gall ducts of the rabbit however it has been

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with the strongylus rufescens. These are due to the encystment

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heads or scolices. {/) A complex cyst, with secondary vesicles, in-

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cording to directions the body can be charged with elec-

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dinuDtsh witliout decrease of the letenis, it is a bad aign, for it tnfr

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orders of the kidneys, a feeling of soreness is felt at

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the temporal bone, which contains a little chain of

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■Bch4M ami icterus of varisbia amount inay n^dt froan i'(>in|MT*siott

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render it brittle and there is a grain of truth in the charge. It

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T. Latus (Broad). Dog. Host of cyst of taenia canina.

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Actinomyces : yellow granules like sand grains, filaments, cocci, terminal,

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yellow with two marginal lines of black, then two more lines of

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4. Lastly, !tni(>n;r the exciting muses of [Htrenchyinatous h(r]uiliti»,