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especially heads of infested sheep. Feed flock generously ; kill affected fat
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and calcium are as 3 to 4, but as an excess of sulphur is an
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in colic but lies on Itis bui:k with the knees drawn up, and dreads
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of shoeing, laminitis and other injuries, it still adds to the already
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toms are in the main those of distomatosis, lung-worms and other
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early summer, measures 7 to 9 lines in length, has a yellowish
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taches bots ; or pick off with finger, spatula or wire loop. CE. Trompe.
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■Igna of great bllhuy olstrui'tion. TIm dilatation ami dUtrntion with
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Cysticercus Fistularis : Tape-worm larva in peritoneum, solipeds. France,
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same place, and above all on the discovery of the sarcoptes,
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pig, Thin Gyropus, no piercing tube, narrow head, white or yellow ; Oval
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ctia {SieMd) ihnt n-Btiocrciw <wlIuhMc does to tKcm solium; i.e.,
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CE. Venulosum. Intestine and intestinal walls. Sheep,
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mi]X'niliv('ly nerys-iarj- to obtain a perfect history of tbo case by a
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and finally falciform. Pathogenic to poultry, turkeys, pigeons. Symptoms :
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CimI tlic liilc nlbvmunoiu. Pnticnta with lij-pcncouB of the livc-r Iuito
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The symptoms vary according to the position and number of
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Rules Je[odj^\\<\\\i\t\\ his Influence by Cheru*
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fh'ip.Crtamen & citra cmmm violentiam Separata,
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tonsurans consist largely in the prevalence of oval spores, the
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or gland openings ("lumpy-jaw"). The jaw may show a
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The disease is much more rare in the mammal but treatment
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red precipitate (1:8 of lard): oleate of mercury: biniodide of
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gerous. The coiniMresdou of the lon-cr lolws of tlio hm« by the up-
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tion (dulness, red eyes, hot head, drooping or held in one direc-
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canae oata/Hml ^UKlico Is so lVn|i»rnt, as enmparrd witli other Ihnna
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durattou, wliidi exactly answer to iboM of gaatric fcTiO', If thia bn to,
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Bots in stomach and intestines. Causes : exposure of solipeds to fly and
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In the chronic form the anterior lobes are splenized and of a
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mm. in length. These cysts have thick dense walls, and each
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ing pores give a general reticulated appearance to both dorsum
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■re necessary as in opening abscesses of tlio liver.
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recoj^ed tmtU abaccasos h(n*o formed. Fortuiwlcly (or Ihe pstlcat^f
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neutral, or slightly acid and among other things contain a
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of the anus, dry unthrifty coat, scurfy skin, pot-belly and emacia-
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Bl>dontinnl naU. lu most CASCS the percussion is ^mptuutio at sonic
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it supports the other elements of the head — the mouth organs.
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meatus as well, and gives rise to much irritation, shaking and
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rectum. /ViWntV'A al»u suecn^leil in iiroiiiig that ibo li-urJurantn
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Erratic Parasites are such as infest not one species or genus
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chitis. Diagnosis : anamnesis ; obstinate winter sore throat, after pastur-
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young pigeon on hepatic pulp containing the living infusoria.
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tailed oxyuris like the oxyuris curvula has its distinguishing
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hair by serum or blood ; itching ; white glistening skin, swelling. Cat:
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Cestodes : Comb-shaped tcenia : T. Rhopaliocephala : Dypilidium Leuc-
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that the number of the funner increosoit, nfatle Uiat of tl»c latter diruio-
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verse band of dark hairs on the back. The wings are short and
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AxATOUiCAL Appeaiixxceh. — In neute catanhal inflnmmatioa the
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yellow. Europe, Asia, Africa, N. America. Stomach (left
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doxa : Narrow toward head, mouth has two papillse, alated, 5 to 7 lines
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fly. Young animals suffer most, .sometimes fatally.