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number passed after such medication is often a.stonishing and
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rare on limbs ; hair erect in tuft, scurfy base, then depilation, surface
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morbus Briphtii, and tlw oonvalcscenou frcm seven; discwo, tlio fulfil-
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appetite, vomiting, diarrhcea, soiling of the tail, pallor of the
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or any causes that tend to produce, inflammation of
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and absorbed, while the other develops a globular head and forms
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Symptoms. Cat. The disease being derived mostly from
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C. Pisiformis Rabbit, Hare, Birds. __T. Serrata Dog
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nor any feature of the mature intestinal worm except the head
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steeping ordinary blotting paper in a strong solution
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■ted, We will not undertake to say wbetbiT Ibcy hare any in-
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tious disease the protection of the many must dominate over the
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bearing two papillae, the tail is shorter and blunter, and the body
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wliile a still greater iiunntity remains among tbc intestines, in the pel-
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to 60 inches — usually 40 inches. Head is slightly broader than
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cells in which the individual filaments terminate. These clusters
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an elijcluarc wllb lioiuir, anJ girrn iii two doses, wilii an interval of
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pastry of all kinds, as well as fresh and preserved
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pan-d with iIm- far |TTr«ler increase of the pulp^ and tbe latter fonna
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ulcerations as have been found, must cause more or less gastric
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mens. Pfaff found 24 in three dogs, and one in a seal. Zimmer
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to be noted itchy anus, unthrift, emaciation, dry scurfy coat, pot-
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Falling-fic!<ne(re5 &c, Sfiritm Mellis and Lu-
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from the presetice of a raised white spot representing the uterus
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Third palpal article with dorsal retrogade horn. India.
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its enjoyment by the scratching movements of the hind limbs,
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thymol or santonin 3 to 4 drs. may be given. Benzine in a dose
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30 papillse in front of anus ; in small intestine, in young mostly ; causes in-
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than y^ inch in length, and consisting of 4 segments only includ-
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in lach nuu>, tliU fine canal is graduBlly distended by lhL> pressure of
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Genus : Trodbidium. Red Mite. Harvest Mite. Larvae on
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zle of cattle ; also in the hides of Illinois and Minnesota cattle
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the disease, the fact that other cats or dogs, in the same environ-
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upond to the {UMSuge of tlie concremcnt &om the cystic duct into tho
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floara, Uto walls inay luiihi ; ihca Ibi^ni is a proIifvistlMi u( c(WUH!i:tivi)
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ment : Tricocephalus Affinis ; Anguillula Longus : Intestinal parasites of
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without the destruction of any fences or other objects used for
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strongylus Arnfieldi was demonstrated to be distinct.
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ed, RiveB some color to tbo fmces. The case is i^ffiw«ot ■vihea iIm
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proof of experimental inoculation, it must remain uncertain,
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the best hope of success would be in cases in which the aspergillus
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long, club-shaped or lanceolate, flattened with two lateral pits
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Give salt at will, and water from troughs rising above the surface
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them late in autumn and becoming more prevalent as cold en-
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up in vomiting, hence the name of . It is common
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Litter ata : Globular head without hooklets or proboscis ; genital pore on
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Now titnt wc have mentioned chronic gnstric and iDtestinal entarrli,
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said over 90 per cent, of the rabbits. It is most destructive to
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tures, and secure pure water. Trichina Spiralis : Filar ia Cervina : Lacks
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disease in American pigs lessens somewhat the force of this hypo-
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PnonxoftTS. — Although most of tlio pslicots attacked wllb p
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ercmcntfi. The hcml ia generally dmtvn into the body, llic animalt
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eggs, and all bite and suck the blood of their victims, often caus-
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ment as in oxyuris. Filaria Papulosa : A silk-like thread worm, active
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the sun and looking through the trachea. It can often be drawn
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mm. , like larval trichina, but contains ova and embryo which distinguish it.
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vith more frt^urntly in women llwn in moo, and utoet Irtqucntl^
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should be resorted to several times a day. To quiet
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