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from an old ulcer should consult a surgeon at once,
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The hsemotopinus or bloodsuckers are naturally the most irritat-
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Young only suffered. Prognosis good, especially in spring, except in weak
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a third longer than broad, narrower, round or sinuous anteriorly,
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dryness of the parts become annoying to the patient.
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eously in 14 to 50 days (Delafond and Bourguignon). The same
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Tii1)Grculo»s of tlio liver cannot bo recognixed during lite.
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cause death by gangrene from obslniction of the vessels of the
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pin's head to half an inch in diameter, and were flattened, or, in
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muscles of swine a parasitic growth resembling the actinomyces of
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nrcred br ihc lrt'»tiiient for the onginal ilinaM ind by opriation,
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second day sucking discs and hooklets may be visible. After 2%
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lorum V. Ovis in Meibomian glands of sheep, causing conjunctivitis. D.
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the head, neck or oesophagus, 32 in the viscera and walls of the
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Argasidae. In males it covers all or nearly all the dorsal aspect.
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i gaaaaa late in ibc oveniitjf ami during tho niglit, and iiitetferag with
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the 24th day but none on the 28th. The psoroptes equi lived 10
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mucous. It may be at first infrequent, but becomes gradually
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and the rabbit dies of starvation. The malady is especially
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•omellmc!! it complicnt4.-s lulx-rculo»iH of thi.> itit«stlac« and mcacntoric
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ooultl Imvc * broraUc effect on obalntctioii of the ocmbnl vcaselik
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This is a small, white, filiform worm, of nearly the same size as
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pendant outside. They are more common in particular localities,
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be continued every night till the bowels move freely
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ular, or ibst tiicir number nu dccronKd, ni>d !>ctn-cvn Umxm) sUil ox-
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is so easily recognized and done away with. The purifying of
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The worm is easily overlooked in the colored contents of the
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plains of our western states as well as on the marshy river bot-
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the normal larva, nympha and adult, (.some hypopial nymphse in
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liver of a young pigeon. It varied from 6 ;«. to 8.5 /a in diameter,
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3Dn<esti<F» of the liver are those which intvrft^ra witli nmptying of the
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occasioning alarm however, it should have the oppo-
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anterior end of the median line, and deeply notched to receive
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poTtant poinUi fi>r tlw diagnosis bctwcni enlargement and disptaoo-
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the diaappcaranoe of tlie icterus by prescribing diuretica, surh
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These are common in America, and in Europe, Asia and Africa.
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as would fit them for any severe work." Of Italian horses
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of cultivated crops so that the worms and ova in the soil will be
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When one acarus dies it causes a miliary nodule which tends to
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cyst which remains attached to the parent cyst by a short pedicle.
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the morning dew has evaporated will sometimes escape. The
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So with inundations : after the overflowing of the Nile the sheep
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body, flattened at the ends, and consisting of protoplasmic con-
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hence the access of sheep to water that has drained from infested
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ments, only they were more closely packed together " ( t'lrt-Aow), j««
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daughter cysts (proligerous vesicles) each of which can develop
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terior border, and two pairs on the back, the front pair, the more
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oostncla till the evil results arise which wen; dqnctcd under the bi!ai)
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in Southern Europe and North Africa (Cooper Curtice).
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Fleas are usually considered as a sub-order of the diptera, but
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is well to place all new purchases of sheep or cattle on a dry
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gostrie mucous manbnoc visiDg bom tl>c s.-imo causi-. 3. Injorioi^
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about the head (muzzle, eyelids, ears) suggesting that it may
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ist," " Twenty-five years' experience," etc., etc., as
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4. Second and third palpal articles straight, not drawn out later-
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and the presence of a homogeneous, agglutinating viscid material
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