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detect the sporocysts. The animal falls into a condition of
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UHperoeive'l, from the mouth during sleep. If it wander into the Inn nx,
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S. Meridionale, Turkey Gnat. Destructive to sitting birds.
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Zurn 4jM, to 8/x in dogs). They may be flexuous, simple or
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used with greater caution on account of its toxic qualities. It
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Mrmc cases, howeror, the feeling of fulness in the right hypocboodrimn
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tines, or (bo original diseuse eatiio sontc other tcrnuDatiou. \Vhen
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the imagination of the Genii in thefe A ftr a I bodies
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most fierce in their attacks, and once settled allow themselves to
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Through which the hidrousyelling throats were heard
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utes till four or five doses are taken. This remedy
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ing 6 to 7 lines, greenish, spined except on the two last rings and the mid-
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Some temporary parasites pass only a certain stage of their
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aiftca t)i(>ra is a jvimary thronbotis in ibn [x-rljil vein and ita iMsnnlim,
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charge, a letter of advice, giving full directions as
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may be from one to six inches in length. The cyst has been
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uterus short, massed on opposite side from ovarj'. Eggs oval, 80
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Biesis, under free use of iron, and a diet consisting mostly of milk and
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pasturage for young sheep of lands known to be infested, of lands
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the expulsion of the worms and then turned out on newly seeded
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and, while lU'y rrjiinteil IrcittnKnt dieroted against the luemurrhagQ dl>
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may have become contaminated by the affected herd or others, or
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a marked way and the muscular system is pale, soft and flabby.
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congestion, ecchymosis and thickening of the mucosa. It is sup-
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pronoui edhesioa of tbc liver to Ibo abituniitiul wall, tbc jiRrfuraliun
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nasal discharge, sneezing, dyspncea, difficult deglutition, inhalation bron-
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rial conditions to such an extent as to develop it as
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btnililcr u'iiiitlly iimlaiii ■ n^intj- iouiiiuji MvretHm. Tlw fo-oca
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so that abrasions and sores by rubbing are less marked than in
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and that only those animals that are insusceptible to these in-
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in young female. Stigmata somewhat comma-shaped. Mandibles
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may, therefore, be altered at will by the manufacturer, it seems
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ia never aoonnidaled Ic any gnat extent ; l>ul Iho akin, muoios tamtr
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turns, periods, flowers, courses, and being unwell.
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criminately neither selecting nor rejecting any particular organ,
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ried breathing, and bloody nasal discharge. The pulse is accel-
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Tobacco smoke has also been tried but is not to be recom-
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as long as wide (4 by 12 mm.). Genital orifice marginal, pro-