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be due to some peculiar poison, the exact nature of
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ozone water to be drank freely, so that the concen-
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and the environment, the rule is that these, conditions must be
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tried in a few daya. After tlie exhibition of pomcgianate-nnd, the
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under repletion. Ventral aspect shows laterally in anterior half,
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CysticercusTenuicoUis (tenuisdelicate,collumneck). Diving
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blunt scales in the proximate half. The female has a single ovary
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Animals susceptible. It attacks indifferently the llama,
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Treatment. This consists of careful syringing out of the
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the segment. The mature worm is one to two or even five feet.
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If this is not possible, a very light meal should be
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color and the edges roughened, elevated above the skin and the
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found on wolves and dogs, was identified by Fuerstenberg as the
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buccal and caudal ; in intestines and nose, pharynx, gullet and stomach.
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liver, and that wo shouhl use eaustit-a instead of the knife, where
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II of hydrogen in the l>o<ly. and lliaL ibis in noruaaar}- to nuiin-
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new dogs, especially such as come from suspected districts, must
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CE. (GastrophiIvUS, Gastrus) Nigricornis. Bessarabia.
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rlia(c<'!> >d'o tl<« 'oUftUiies, such na i|iutc frc<|ueiiUy oocut during ooo-
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nay either be referred lo iiKrensod lateral ]irTWMim hi tlio VRncIs, or
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Preve7ition and treatment will be the same as for strongylus con-
Two Genital Furrows, beginning one on each side of the
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guid, sunken, pale eye, white mouth, unthrift, dandruff, red patches on
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complete evolution will be effected. Segmentation takes place
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lead to ibnr dilatation behind llto comprcf«cd purls ; thus forming
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Trichomonas Intestinalis. lyike other trichomonas this in-
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which died in 1878 and 1881 respectively, in the Zoological gar-
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chamber they lived 40 days and in a stable not less than 50.
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Eyes hemispherical, in sockets, (male); scutum triangular,
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acaricide. If placed where no animals can have access to them
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Hypoderma (CEstrus) Lineata, (hypo beneath, derma skin).
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flammatory diseases that require the closest attention
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like hairs in the posterior. Stiles describes a pupa-like resting
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. wltcther tho forer and tlic syiDptoms caused by it can really be ns
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acids before they can be prepared for the microscope. The sec-
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rior third of the body only, and provided with a conical cephalic
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liver congested and that it oozed blood on the slightest pressure.
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Habitat. Bronchia of solipeds — horse, ass, and mule.
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(CvcQ injuries arc more apt to cnusc niptiirc inflatnmatioa of that
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bo <lui! to a ndaxatioD of tliG already yielding tissue of Uie ^>lceil, ot
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there is a hectic flush on the cheeks, and the gene-
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(Zurn). The female has a thick ovoid body. The male is thread-
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seek the females and being therefore sometimes caught on the
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pastures from June to October. If this is impossible apply upon
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and male fern. The great drawback as in all ruminants is the
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flake:). It ia powiblu tbat tlicM! flake* (!onn»t of fibrin tliat btu pru-
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destroy this specific hay fever germ, both locally and
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and if a cancer is suspected no time should be lost
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action of the bowels, and as soon as the acute symp-
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patient to try any means that is likely to effect a cure.
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Animals susceptible. It attacks indifferently the llama,
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of displacement the spleen is bnt little below the ribs, and may