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in their vicinity, and progressing by a worm-like motion. It is

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rabWr tuiM! witb n fuiiml ailncliwl ta it ; in Uw btlcr case (bo forc«

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refusal of food and the recumbent semi-comatose condition in

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the diaappcaranoe of tlie icterus by prescribing diuretica, surh

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These are common in America, and in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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1. Wiicn there is ewoUing of tlw spleen. Wo have loanieil th»l thw

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flattened, coriaceous, narrowed behind, color — from a tawny

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fore shipping ; cooperation of national and state authorities.

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discharges. The worms are especially likely to be found by sedi-

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in largo pearls; this condition of the skin, which is due to the same

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lips ; neck long, thin ; anterior segments parallelepipeds, the

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After a paroxysm, however, thirty drops of tincture

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the sheep from ponds of stagnant water which receive the drain-

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more closely it is grazed the greater the probability of taking in

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of origin of icterus in earcinoma of tlic liver. Cases of cardnoma of

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ticipates, Tims bypcDFmia of tlio parenchyma of the lircr and of tbo

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or ae.xiial organs. In other cases it is one symptom of acute miliary

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ooagula (JiointaHstjf), large abooesaee maj oonipresa iho i«inificft>

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I l^ilalid, but they also provf that, in cases wltcrntluteunoolatructinD

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pallor of eyes and mouth, a dry unthrifty coat, dry skin with

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Pathogenesis. The whip-worm is reputed to be compara:tively

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pated, a feeling of languor and drowsiness is felt,

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prominent forward projection. It shows a variable number of

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is well to place all new purchases of sheep or cattle on a dry

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ao Migiiini-nt ogninst tl»eir dopciMlvnoo ou ohstnictioa of iho cerehnl

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pectoRiUoii. The chills and fever iimy abo dqicnd on other cnuaco^l

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and treated with the same class of agents, and all affected birds

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brushes, combs, etc., by sublimate, iodine, carbolic acid ; vitality of germ.

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more nn indcpi^ndcnt disease than lirpcrinosis and hypnowiis aniemia,

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nOdoaaM of ty|dn& I cannot at all ngnv with thia Hnw. Evorjr

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Trnous thrombi, etc., which enter the n};ht heart and thenco pass

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grass, from open ponds, streams or lakes ; give water from deep wells in

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decoction of walnut leaves, or of tobacco (3 ozs. to i qt.) rubbed

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Taenia Ovilla (Rivolta), T. Giardi (Moniez), T. Aculeata

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tried with little effect. Arsenious acid (^ gr.) daily for some

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is irritable and restless. The urine for a time be-

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ding, flabby muscles, early fatigue, stocked limbs ; intestinal indigestion,

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opening into a tight glazed box and then clo.sing doors and win-

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rvHes it may lie necessary to wait for further dcrelopments before roci»

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