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Sooner or later there is epistaxis, at first merely staining the
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ByeA/vMi^ peril&ntlU b tawally lucanl, first thusu tmscs wlridi,
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by Otani' associated with infestment of the lungs, and one by Yam-
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inertia of the walls. The symptoms are progressive emaciation
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< . I I i iiv «f lliQ dlflcront solutions of salts muHt hare jiiat as
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8cirrhti» ainl im-dullary canc«r ui^ually oceur as numrrou* gmnula-
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it. Poured out on the ground it may be licked for the saline
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armed, and followed by a narrow neck, gradually widening in
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may expect ere long a general culture of frogs and toads in
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brittle, so that it cannot be removed from its follicle : hence its
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that the tliiokeninga and adbetuouR uf llie peritouanun, nhifli exactly
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leoACK t)M> pn^Mimption will Im; in hvor of gastrio fcrer. If, on tb«
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tlie two kma of chronic enlar|;o(aeot of Iba B|>le«n is luuaUy easy,
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The bath is usually a watery solution of corrosive sublimate vary-
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hemispherical, in a submarginal depression of the dorsal shield.
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ittle ansa. Tbo pigntcnintioit of tbc opithtdium liegtn in iIm Mat-
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Sarcoptic scabies of sheep's head: Black-nose : Sarcoptes has 6 anterior
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mucosa by the sucking discs on the head and body of the para-
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white tomentous growth, with less liquefaction and tardier and
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CEstrus Haemorrhoidalis (Gastrus Hemorrhoid alis. Gas-
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kets, railroads, boats, pens, etc. Symptoms : Fleece flattened or ragged ;
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Vtrefiow, KShne, and Uoppe-Sti/ler have shown tlwt Ulo-oolortog
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Cysticercus. Each ovum develops one cyst with one head.
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and even be permanent, but in other cases it may sooner or later
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those cases, piutinilitrl y tltc oocasional ajipUcatioa of leeches about ti»
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Init if, liy (Mislnng Ibu finger in ipriekly, wb displaot) tlio lliiiil, we may
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cases the remission is of longer duration, and a chill
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they survived fifteen hours in a concentrated solution of potash.
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itching or formication being annoying to an animal that is
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Clarke and others the CE. Nasalis (golden or chestnut bot-fly).
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and is attnclH'd to the }nrU urtNiiul by &na pacudonicinlmuKa;. I'hc
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Animals Susceptible. It is common on mouse, rat, cat, dog,
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at point of union of attenuated and thick portions of body. Ovi-
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tract, and for this the usual vermifuges and purgatives may be
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peritoneal dropsies Which attend on other sheep parasitisms, may
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ozone water to be drank freely, so that the concen-
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and the environment, the rule is that these, conditions must be
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tried in a few daya. After tlie exhibition of pomcgianate-nnd, the
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under repletion. Ventral aspect shows laterally in anterior half,
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CysticercusTenuicoUis (tenuisdelicate,collumneck). Diving
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blunt scales in the proximate half. The female has a single ovary
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Animals susceptible. It attacks indifferently the llama,
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Treatment. This consists of careful syringing out of the
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the segment. The mature worm is one to two or even five feet.
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If this is not possible, a very light meal should be
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color and the edges roughened, elevated above the skin and the
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found on wolves and dogs, was identified by Fuerstenberg as the