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In the chronic form the anterior lobes are splenized and of a

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proniineDces t1i« serous coat is wlulish, tendinoua, shrunken, and n^-

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which pas.ses through its sexually mature condition in the gastric

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rndtyma, aa there are ph»ce« where onncetoua maasea, awl otbeni

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eoncrements have been evacuated; it more fifcquenlly lasla for a long

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ing pores give a general reticulated appearance to both dorsum

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reditan,' in »>ine Ihinilies, or the i-uu.<»e>i oi iiumunlly of other purvnna In

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Pathogenesis. As an intestinal parasite, no harm has been at-

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■re necessary as in opening abscesses of tlio liver.

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billed molcoidir and fiitty degeneration. Agdiist tfaia view, whieb was

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turity in air-passages. Hosts : Hens, turkeys, pea-fowl, pheasants, par-

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of the anus, dry unthrifty coat, scurfy skin, pot-belly and emacia-

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slightly constricted just behind its middle, and broader in front of

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easily washed off, besides tending more or less to render the wool

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it supports the other elements of the head — the mouth organs.

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plications are to be met by appropriate measures, as in the sheep,

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finally turned into a bare yard, without a trace of grass or other

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I time mnre nr )<■«« decidnl signs nf aiaomla and ndMiiJa. Thk

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meatus as well, and gives rise to much irritation, shaking and

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Erratic Parasites are such as infest not one species or genus

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with tbc furmation of gatl-stODet. But, iKstdcs this, it ia probable liut

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found in the intestines and may cause congestion and inflamma-

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Megnin divides the sarcoptidse into the following five groups :

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developed from the same inner sac, as is the case with coenurus.

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Bracy Clark was led to believe them not only innocuous but posi-

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Diagnosis is always easy because of the non-burrowing habit

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that the number of the funner increosoit, nfatle Uiat of tl»c latter diruio-

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cable to such low lying swamps as cannot be drained.

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large proportion of the herd independently of any change of

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thickened by exudate and marked by small black spots, slough-

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tcu found in ttie thtckencil peri toweiun, in thn fonn of peritonitis; thll

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doxa : Narrow toward head, mouth has two papillse, alated, 5 to 7 lines

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solute didiKM, 'tlie highest jxiint of tlio lircr titia about 3 aax.

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Caucasus form (porose areas of female united in median line of

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Impure and complex products of coal tar, containing a variety

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or any motion, that will bring all the muscles of the

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2. Capitulum removed by at least its length from the anterior

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in numbers into the puppy, of the still encapsulated embryo, one

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This is a contagious skin affection manifested by the formation

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if tlumt be no onlnridcat gnairlo and iniiiiiJiMl oslairli, the etnaeiaiion

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destroy intermediate host ; cultivate frogs and toads or, in the rivers and

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ly taoKi than tlwy <lu iIm bUnd-nHVwIs, and icterus Is absent as a

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if ascites occurs in a ]>erBoin ivlio lias no ccdcma, tt eitli«r ilepcndn on

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Body delicate and transparent, 15 to 20 feet long. Ova globular.

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twice as long as the head and its piercing stylet barbed, its thorax

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