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all directions and rapidly from the primary focus, yet a distinct

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with two broad unequal membraneous alse, six papillse on each

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the centre of the ventral surface on a small tubercle, the male pore

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obstruction and obliteration of the portal venous branch by the

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patch on tail or hips, wriggles tail, rubs, bites, tears out white tufts, open

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amination may detect some red, closely set papules. The skin at

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In tlw second bXa^, oven at iU oonunoDccment, wo can oo looftcr

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gray spots indicating previous points of attack and phlegmasia.

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Symptoms. The thin parts of the skin, anus, vulva, peri-

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always liiiil eiiUrgcnuTnt of llie ftp]«cn, bihI usually aKcribc this on-

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If it is desired a tobacco decoction can be added, but this is not

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hibernates, escapes in 10 months, forms pupa in ground and in 3 to 8 weeks

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and on rubbing objects carry the parasite with them. Unfenced

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1 3 . When the [ft * it of truth is come^he fvill guide

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find Uigv portions uf tlie liver converted Into ■ wMto oaaonoits msia.

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especially so in pigeons when the disease extends to the mucosae.

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and calcium are as 3 to 4, but as an excess of sulphur is an

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horse. Pathogenesis : convey Texas fever to cattle in countries in which

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usually dies tbc f«cond dny, moie rarely the fourth or fifUi day, or

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these give a dappled appearance because of the darker hue of the

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jirimary coagnlntion in the vessels and in the intcrtrabccular sponcs

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l^icrc u altiKxtt altmy s n auoUar du^ncntton of the Bjili^ii, tuiil uot

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tnducGS remittent fever, or n clironie disease, wiUtout paroxytoa

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sive timidity suggests a hydatid in the cerebellum, the opening

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catarrh of tbo bile-passages, wbielt, as we said in Chapter L, often so-

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nearly as broad as long, yellowish gray, abdomen same, thorax brown, dog

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Having introduced tlie s)-n)ptoras of intorstilinl hepatitis individ-

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Cysticercus Fistularis : Tape-worm larva in peritoneum, solipeds. France,

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Habitat. In the small intestine and (rarely) in the stomach.

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to make a definite statement. The simple undivided cyst may be

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lliiid, wliicli t/*n(l 10 prove tlmt, wliile the inflammatkai ia pnag oa in

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CE. Venulosum. Intestine and intestinal walls. Sheep,

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molecular detritus of the livcrcolls. It is difficult toexplain the iraiit-

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and anaemic in the impoverished birds and dark blue or cyanotic

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and finally falciform. Pathogenic to poultry, turkeys, pigeons. Symptoms :

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low, from two to five-drop doses of belladonna should

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The symptoms vary according to the position and number of

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migrates to its suitable habitat and there develops into a cyst

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red blood globules, blocking of the capillaries, and gangrene.

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ysm is present, while they complain of all kinds of

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slightly sinuous. Male 4}^ to 5 lines in length, extremely fili-

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these, again break u]i into cajullarics.) Hence tlic latcrul |Wf&iun) in

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fh'ip.Crtamen & citra cmmm violentiam Separata,

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pains in the muscles, coated tongue, and constipated

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action of the bowels, and as soon as the acute symp-

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or gland openings ("lumpy-jaw"). The jaw may show a

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The disease is much more rare in the mammal but treatment

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burned or deeply buried. Never allow them to be thrown, raw,

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five per cent, of the diseases and weaknesses pecu-

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nized as the result of injuries, that no description

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gerous. The coiniMresdou of the lon-cr lolws of tlio hm« by the up-

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