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is slowly recovering, such food as will build up the

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tubes. It is produced by exposure :: :: Id and snd-

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lons: boil); oil of tar liniment (1:20 of olive oil); oil of cade

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found in the bowels of swine : — the embryo introduced in water

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Others have failed to transmit from the rabbit to the horse.

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pentine Z >> According to tbo original pn«cription, half a <lrachio of

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7 months, migrates to the peritoneum, pleura, lungs or bronchia and nose,

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the first segments appear about an inch behind the head. The

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caudal end floating distal from the stomach. They are not rare

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glands become swollen. Beneath the crusts and especially the

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of the best. Tobacco is a slow acaricide but it is non-volatile and

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Ihn abdomen raaiatoioii its iJaaim in all poaitiona. bt exooaaira aadtei^

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of pus, wliicfa a« often vcrj- large. Tk-y arc sumnindod by disinlo-

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pef!iap«,beacadcnta],tho titlo of "amyloJddGgcneration'* hu nf laie

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Small, dry, yellowish-gray scabs like hempseed, on back, shoulders,

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Filaria Hepatica. Mather found round worms encysted in

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Again parasites are divided according as they are constantly and

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above or below the termination of the oesophagus. Oviparous ;

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health, that they never think of consulting a physician. Still, in

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has the tail rounded but with a delicate sharp point, unlike the

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fold over vulva, 3 to 6 lines long, free in stomach or encysted in mucosa ;

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food until the carcases have been subjected to a boiling tempera-

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belly, breast and neck ; excess of epidermic scales, with acari, quills broken

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time. In any case by the sixth week the disease has usually

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jecting from the surface of the liver. Incision shows that these

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Colorado, Northern California, or Minnesota, is best

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future tape- worm, and matures as such if the brain which har-

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otherwise, at the earliest possible stage, before time has been

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tent and violence of the morbid process. Collapse and congestion

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through the skin, and on the continent of Europe iron salts are

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toothed) two individuals ; and under Gyalocephalus (hollow-

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Spider Fi,y. Winged. Attacks horses, (cattle and dogs).

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pntpunttons, luid ouiuuqucntlj oifi limilMl to a aj-uptomaUc tKfttuiCDt

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kind. It is severe while it lasts, which may be from

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SDOeeMful trcntmrnt of them by quinine, ii|ipcaja to me just Ki welgbtj^

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attacks the dog on paws, limbs, abdomen, nose and elsewhere

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mens. Pfaff found 24 in three dogs, and one in a seal. Zimmer

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if we givo them, from liiM to tiBM-, a small jiioco of Idadt

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where the grains are especially liable to be attacked by this para-

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skin, disappearance of the subcutaneous fat (paperskin), dulness,

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head and neck, or, as in birds, even show a preference for parts

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at point of union of attenuated and thick portions of body. Ovi-

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H. Cameli. Rare. Described as resembling H. Urius of