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Jensen, who has also recorded hepatic cases, describes them as
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pastures, constitute serious drawbacks to treatment.
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nosis is only dilSenlt in those eases ^^ho^e, in hysterioal wotneti, n»MB-
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cause is diarrhoea determined by entozoa, hence in all cases of
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They cause swelling and clotidiug of the epithelium, with aggre-
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WllpDiU diacasc, sod hou- far on tbo degeoenUioo of ibe spleen. Mofo
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Genus : lyiSTROPHORUS. Ovoid body. Broad shield on head
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Sea-weed attracts and may then be burned. Chigoe : In tropical America
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their combs and brushes should be similarly dealt with. The poles
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bauds of shining black on the thorax ; abdomen black with a
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and Walz, Hertwig and Gerlach determined that a new genera-
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This parasite is maihly found in the duodenum of sheep and
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On its upper surface, in females, it bears two porous aregs {arecB
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are mostly found where they can get the shelter of long, coarse
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bad in many places an ocbro^ored contini; in n-bieh bcauliful b«<ina-
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subcutaneous tissues, produces thickening, rigidity, corrugation
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men nine, the whole extremely flattened from side to side, and
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by a waxy dryness, a pecuUar brilliance and inteasc yellow color.
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beings: h>ive no inconfiilency^ nor incongrutty i>
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eggs, on sound soil. Treatment: Fungicide inhalations (SO^) and in-
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varies greatly, being voracious at one time and ca-
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ticks, fleas, bedbugs, and the parasitic fungi belong to this class.
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ranged in a continuous chain in the middle or end of a filament
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domen more incurved. The flat body, the long sucking probos-
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best it is very transient and fallacious. Even before the sheep
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consider it as n cane of socallod rhoumatlo peritonitis till thuse other
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of sjrmptoms. Rut Ition radical aid li entirely irapOMibk!, for the dense
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causes : Poverty, weakness, filth, fatigue, using same lairs and trappings.
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appetite, a slight diarrhea, and even bleeding from
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fescens is present the encysting of the mature worm, with its em-
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skin und iniwous membfanes, tho hyttneada and dni|Kiy, d»
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' notion rxtrtid to Ow ]irriton'-id nnrrini; "( thx l>lii<ldrr, thiv ariaaa
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Oil of tar may be used in the same combinations. So with the
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cause mercurialism and salivation. The other agents, tobacco,
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troduced by imported German sheep, it has prevailed in the damp
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Sanguinolenta), oxen, sheep and goat (S. Scutata). The
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spots are very characteristic. Often the spores are so abundant
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Other worms are usually present in large numbers in the
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unable to act in prehension of food, the eyes watery or closed by
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great losses from tapeworm among the sheep of the Western
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noticed, and may first cxdtc a stispielon of the original diacasc As
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cells in which the individual filaments terminate. These clusters
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tailed oxyuris like the oxyuris curvula has its distinguishing
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The symptoms in fatal cases are those of internal haemorrhage,
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refusal of food and the recumbent semi-comatose condition in
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ing man and beast with equal Horses, cattle, sheep
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bark, kooso, kamala, male fern, santonin, oil of turpentine) have
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volatilize less readily and are therefore more permanent in their
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you into all truth ^ for he Jh all not ffedk^itf bimfelf^
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membrane, hariD]^ cylindrlcul cpitholmni and racomoso glimds. Tliis,
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the proventriculus of a chicken. Pathogenic effects are not re-
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arms or thighs. The wool is dry and lustreless and easily pulled
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when the freer secretions of the skin furnish the parasite with
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or sensation is entirely lost. Sometimes the motion
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material left over in the bath proves an additional source of
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liQoro Iroqucntly it is followed by tl)c symptoms of pcmmncnt ptorare,
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so that the young segments immediately back of the head are ex-
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and Railliet has transferred the acarus from the goat to the face of
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Tliift ex[duiuilion is not exactly correal, or, *t leiist, not entirely com-
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troughs, buckets, forks, shovels, etc., being scraped, washed with
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flapping the wings, rolling and scratching in a dust bath, aban-
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encysted in connective tissue, nerve centres and other viscera of rabbit, each
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Sellers and other soda-waters, and irritating diitrcticx HVo eqnille
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Treatment. This also is the same as in the sheep (which
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may be useful, as they even reduce the size of the spleen in dogs
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the limbs, planting them with a hesitating uncertain motion,
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tubes. It is produced by exposure :: :: Id and snd-
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stiffness and soreness of the joints, impaired appe-
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break across. If the skin is too tender, it may be rendered less
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tines, or (bo original diseuse eatiio sontc other tcrnuDatiou. \Vhen
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quantities of these things are necessary to take the
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caudal end floating distal from the stomach. They are not rare
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f nd gndnll^ BBsumes a s[>berical aliape. Ftoull^', ttio ub<Ii>nuiiikl
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Small, dry, yellowish-gray scabs like hempseed, on back, shoulders,
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the oviducts on each side. Still more posteriorly is a white area
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Again parasites are divided according as they are constantly and
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health, that they never think of consulting a physician. Still, in
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tirely unnoticed. If very numerous, troubles may follow varying