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and giant cells, fibroid organization. Intravenously, pseudo-tubercle in
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Probably the two forms are varieties, determined by habit, and
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We oflcu notice that the yellow color la intcmipt«d by mldisb a])OU
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T. Gracilis (delicate). Duck. Cysticercus in Condona
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the Nuno time, Ute <xmi«Dts of tUo sac enter tlic |)Rntoiiunl caritj, and
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larva is to be distinguished from that of the H. Bovis of Europe
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in the manure pile. Whitewashing, or washing with a solution
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permanently on these. Most serious in winter ; may not show, though pres-
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are present they indicate an irritation of the urethra
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hand and lotions and baths on the other the latter is preferable
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much depressed raeiitully, to oomplnin of pain about thn liver; tbe
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the local treatment of all skin diseases. It is also the
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Worms attached to mucosa by mouth ; contents of stomach often bloody,
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phenol, carbon bisulphide. Strongylus Axel : Galleries in ass's stomach.
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slight difBnilty on deep inspiration. If tho fulness of the abdoroen
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follicles of the feathers distending them abnormally.
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hocks, exceptionally to the legs and thighs and still more rarely
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bing, scratching, pecking, biting, depilation, abrasion, excoriation, scab-
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tliere Ss none, but this b rare; for, besKks the obstruction of ilw ve»
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matter siuxcwivoly booomoa green, Uiic, violet, red, and liaally pale
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suppuration, emaciation, unthrift, hide depreciation. Treatment : extract
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or twelve ounces being often ejected in a few hours. It is always
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the hair in tufts, then depilation, and the formation of chaps and
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deHicft fixmi) typical rases of (he (Usctuo in two sisters i^cd eleven
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in Japan, but the general characters were essentially the same.
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'iiacuo to Itc gturtrie fev<^, and {irombed improvement fmni day to
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trum, segments, hooks and hairs, becoming a motionless ovoid
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segments. Dr. Faville had studied the parasite in Colorado,
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paitleulBtly at the jointa, |mi» "aa If tbey wotdd Intrst," Tba fawitp*
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tho exudation is rapidly absorbed. Buhscquenlly the coagula and pui
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sheep, especially if these have been overstocked, or are naturally
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hardly vvcr obubqs tlieir absolute cIo»ut<>, perfectly paJe, clay-coUnml
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scribed S[iots ; so that, as Virckow snys, in these cases there was not
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Spiroptera of the Duck. S. Uncinata. This is a small
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iviously cin-unaofbcd, ami might have ronuUncd to, spread orer tbo
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(cysticercus ca- and Pulex Ser- Habitat. Small intestine,
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white arsenic in powder, or by cauterization with the actual
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referring (hem to poisonhig by the bile-odd^ JBamberfftr also says :
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the dog's faeces. The cysticercus has great vitality and though
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worms or ova in mucus or surface layer of faeces. Necropsy : Bloodless, hy-
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wc fe«! sure there is invagination or peritonitis, in whicb caso i»-
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Kliich ItavQ a wurld-ivide reputatkxn far tliftr dScBoy in jnuoilioc.
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A specific in go7iorrhea, gleet, and inflammation of the
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rax, twenty grains; dilute sulphuric acid, ten drops;
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From glanders it is distinguished by the absence of any special
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each containing one or more of the transparent hooked embryo or
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Antero-lateral light spots present (male). Africa. A. Latum.
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yellow ; wings brownish ; face gray with white or yellow hairs.
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CAVlCOIvA (cavum cavity, colere to inhabit). CEPHALE-
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that are not inured to them. They remain adherent to the skin,
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kind. It is severe while it lasts, which may be from
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latter, boil carcases, disinfect stalls, sores, etc. Treatment : excision, pack
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flamed point is seen on the face or some other part
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contents of the bowel, probably Lamblia Intestinalis (Neu-