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even this is not serious except in the case of some large tropical

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worm-like larva with 12 rings and bispiked tail ; in 11 days this spins a co-

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Therapeutic Treatment. The small value of the fowls in-

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Physical uxamiualion fumlshct Iko rooat fmpoTlant, and ollni tlto

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Dermatobia Noxialis. The larvae of this is found under the

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cidia. Symptoms: Poor appetite, lifeless, emaciation, pallor, icterus, un-

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heis iinlvsi'iuilivp un der|i |wi'- i by|>oi'bi>iMlnum, TUa

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inches. The smaller spiroptera scutata of the pig, named gongy-

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is hairy, yellowish brown with black, white, or yellow spots, the

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effect of a long course of arsenious acid given by the mouth.

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be instantly removed and placed by himself for treatment, and

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length ; vulva near the middle of the body. Anus not

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ing the passage of these stones there is a frequent

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voda U that tboy grow unrv rapidly Ihan any otbrr form, uulilrcnxM

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phus). The cystic or larval form of the echinococcus lives in a

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the feathers ruffle, and wings and tail drop. Appetite may be

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Treatment. — The external pile is the most speedily

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and the scraping should be done outside the .fold and any high-

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of wine 4 ozs. ; water 6 ozs.; dose a teaspoonful daily in

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ent only in small numbers, and are found only after death and

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intense fever at the onset of tlie discaei:>, as in otlier severe inftannw-

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or tbo ixwial vein bo inllatui'd. Wa are uidy justified in liie Utttir

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Ectoparasites, vegetable, animal. Entoparasites, vegetable, animal. Com-

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of the utmost importance to institute treatment in the early stage

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to the facilities offered for the transmission of the parasite. It

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particularly true with those who are brain-workers.

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h)g pressed against the epioe by the inflated lnlestiue& Draidcs tho

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renders it much more active. Shearing by expcsing the infested

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like ; palpi with three segments ; legs with five segments, two

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all seasons, in yard-fed as well as in pastured sheep, and does not

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Transient improveme'nt for one or two months, then anEemia, dropsy, ema-

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acid I part, lard 30 parts. By replacing the lard by olive oil a

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quarlcrs of an hour, are Mid to expel the worm. If this do not re-

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of tlio limd, gTr-nt »tngi«l opcrntionv, etc IV oue* nTlntcd I17 Budd, i

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the tumor a feeling of great firmness. In some instances there

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their prey, which may be found alive in the stomach, but cannot

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Protractile proboscis with recurved hooks ; no digestive canal.

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]0Dg>«Dalinued hyperxinia. In very ran caact hypencmift oT tbc qileeo

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oi'co dtalliy mass, which, enctoaed in tough ootuiei^vo Uasue, n^

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prevents the settling of blood in the inflamed pari

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scabs with soap, their removal, and then repeated dressings with

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agninst InthrioocplmluM, niii] ohi-n taiU when ^rcn for MnM soliam.

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nf iho ImuiohM of titr Inltor will tnipcdo liw cwapo of bicod from lbf>

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not 0(!cur till tbc nuujilaslJc tiumu sliriuks, tuid is rctlnood to & snuU

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tite peritwMQoi ia Kocompanird by fovcr, or vrltri) ootRpnasWD o( iha

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F'liixion ratucs — 1. Si>IeHie eoIatgcniiGnU ia thn amtc in/ft

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their free use on the food as eaten is often produc-

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or whitish granular bodies, quite visible to the naked eye, in the

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somewhat for the partial or complete neglect of scabby sheep kept

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Scutum green spots five in number (male), large, well apart

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