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deeply buried, or the lungs should be carefully removed and treated

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G. Ovalis. Oval G. This is distinguished by its broader

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rectum. /ViWntV'A al»u suecn^leil in iiroiiiig that ibo li-urJurantn

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mouth with six papillae and bristles ; in large and small intestines of pigs

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rise to the throat, heart-burn and water-brash occur,

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sheep to receive the drippings from their fleeces and run them

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metallic green spots. Stigmata comma-shaped. Female with

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Eyes extend laterally beyond scutum (female). Singapore.

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Dorsal Structures. These include dorsal shield, eyes, porose

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without apparent cause, or dulness, stupor, general aberration of

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haler, the use of which, with our Inhalent No. I, if

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or three times a day, and a cure is usually effected

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lluitl (iiiilium about 16 parta of firm conslilitcnt to llie i.OOO; ooaDai-

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Diagnosis is to be made from red mange with diflaculty, but

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and often each case needs something entirely differ-

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nitis at its commcncmiciit rniy n-ith (ho cnuwis which IndtMe it.

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quick lime and 100 gallons of water is a commendable mixture.

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which died at Amsterdam (Kerbert, 1878); in the lungsof a

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6 to 7 lines long, and has a greenish or bluish green color. The

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ing 6 to 7 lines, greenish, spined except on the two last rings and the mid-

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teeth. It shakes its tail, rubs its body, scratches with its hind

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particularly in tlic kidneys, is entirely different, and that them in ik)

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(]»■ sjiiiM) hy tlw atrogJijin^ mesentery, and the oxudaltun lies on th«

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portance of a plague, these will be treated of here, as, in the

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to the anus and just in front of the tip of the tail. Oviparous.

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ed and properly treated in all cases of convulsions.

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those seen in the sheep and resembling miliary tuberculosis. At

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cfudcmics, but in tho tropica in the endemic fevers, this influenoi frt--

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shallow wells. T. Canina : 3 to 14 inches long ; protractile, armed, club-

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generally tkr advanced in fatty metAmorpbotU. IIm; cells o]>cnc<l by

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this is only a temporary habitat. They cannot be reached by

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ness and attacks human beings showing a preference for .some

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icmia, a» well oh in lliat of cirrboais, the slight elevations aro the

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Female. Dorsal shield elongate from before backward, some-

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If infested sheep are fit for mutton they should be killed, as

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haviiiji only Won employed till tfai local symptonu had ccat«d, not

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Ajoinul* affuot«d with the taenia cdunocooRUH tfvacuiitc matarc liaka

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pendent. Hatched in 24 hours, embryo taken in by tongue or falls on food.

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ness. When it takes place it is very distressing, as

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tinuous discharge, with frequent and vigorous sneezing. If on

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the sufferer eats voraciously, is always hungry, but

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