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causes much irritation and even anaemia and may easily become

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Lesions. These worms burrow, hollowing out galleries and

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ricularum v. Canis. Symptoms: Shakes head, scratches ear, debris in

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cent, solution killed the rediae or encysted cercaria in 5 minutes,

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grubs in the spinal canal, Baur in the subcutaneous muscles, and

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farm in Northumberland 850 sheep, 5 horses, i ox, and a number

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jntlllublo from the M'rll'knnwn fut-t lliul. In numermn niM'Ji nf piMĀ»^

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spleen and lymph glands. It is a question whether the cells, so plen-

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of bone that is liable to follow, and an experienced

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Kingdom (Gamgee). In 1876 it killed 40 per cent, of the cattle

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fxiNli^iK'C may sometimoit be delected by iutnxliK-ing the linnd and

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Worms in the bowels, liver or elsewhere are especially likely to

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woman with a chronic skin di.'iease, on whose skin the acarina

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berculin ; or jaundice without fever, or biliary or renal colic, with uraemia

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ly white and scattered over different portions of the

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tion of the worms, to develop a plague where the domesticated

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(u.sually in March), it attains a length of 6 mm., and changes

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flow from the eyes and saliva from the month, and there may be

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beef juice, and alcoholic stimulants have to be re-

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hibernates, escapes in 10 months, forms pupa in ground and in 3 to 8 weeks

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Helminthopsylla Alakurt, another flea with vermiform, or

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saturated with mercuric chloride solution to destroy the embryo as

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bones of the face or jaw the neoplasm forms sarcomatous masses

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boscis bearing a double row of 28 to 50 hooks, remarkable for the

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often severe. The child soon looks thin in the face

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water, then fill the annular cartilage and smear the concha with

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5*. Laevis : No mammiform elevations on dorsum of female ; copulatory

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In rete Malphigii, follicles, gland ducts. Contagious directly and indirectly.

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rower, punctations larger, genital pore between first intercoxal

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a few weeks it is thickened, hard and painful, and is filled by a

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D. Maggii. 2 circles of buccal cilia, i caudal (often im-

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same successive developmental stages as the C. Perforans. Fick

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Fly 5 to 6 lines, black or brownish, with short smoky wings. Ova black on

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Varieties : P. Communis v. Equi. Horse. General surface.

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ciliated in its posterior tworthirds only. (Manson). The further

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stantly attached around the vulva of the female. "Th^ female has

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Infusoria : Lamblia Intestinalis : Small intestine. Harmless.

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there comes marked drooping of the back and loins (hollow-

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phites of lime and soda should be given in tablespoonful

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over, bcsiilcs the lanlitcocnis di.^cncntMMi of tfae sploca, Uiere is uauall;

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^Kon, both by faispeetioa and palgutioa as well as by poicuutoo. He

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subject under the use of vermifuges, and on another occasion has

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ciation is already shown in the ab.sence of sub-cutaneous and