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absent, surface glabrous. May be 16 mm. long by 10 mm.

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three pointed processes on the caudal extremity of the female,

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Litter ata : Globular head without hooklets or proboscis ; genital pore on

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The disease advances by gradual invasion of all surrounding

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in cystic stage till cluster is inches in diameter, acephalocysts and scolices.

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the belief tliat the inflamed parts needed n'st mors Uinn any thing elat^

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large numbers cause epizootics of indigestion, diarrhoea and

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Ui(- nOdiliiHi of carboiiic acid aad llto alkaline carixwatos. If ihe

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some species of small invertebrate animal (Mollusc, Crustacean or

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proved that, cvcu in mo>lDnitc grades of hepatof^enous icterus^ tfao Ulo-

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tn Vfhat part of the body ^ is. the chief ff at of the

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one pair near the anus, and one more laterally. No median

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the epidermis and causing papular (red) elevations accompanied

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Legs long and thin with long hairs ; spine of coxse IV very short,

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St Bnitic Rinnitnacflbed tfot, tbe abduminal walls bccoaw bBltimt«d,

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circle of booklets on the proboscis. The armed are sub-divided

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tions arv rM;U in it. The changes in the Icidncjo, which were tiiat fiiUy

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caiG is protracted, there is disrrlicca, pr«cctl«l by more or 1«M OolidEy

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duodenum. The invaded duct was dilated and considerably

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phor, ol. terebinth, salicylic acid, or salt solution ; smear the breast with

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more harm than all the other parasites of the sheep."

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above referred to and kept in quarantine for a week.

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At first the skin is hot and dry, and the pulse full

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geau and Rabais however consider it as one of the higher fungi

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SntmncB um Coimax.— On autopsy, large okaiU or niuketoui

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lapc-worm, was tbeo treated with pumpkin-seed, and passed titi-

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with soapsuds leaving a strong lather on the surface for half an

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a suspected one should have any litter, manure, and fodder con-

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the liver function by the presence in the gall ducts of a limited

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abrasions, sores, scurfy productions and scabs, the cause of which

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Receptivity to distoma and distomatosis on the part of the

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are also indicated. If the breathing fails artificial

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of the germ actinomycotic animals should be promptly treated,

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bears a sucking disc on each of its angles. The anterior border

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ply of young oelts, even if the enlai^od spleen or lymphatic gLuiil* do

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vaseline and zinc ointment or other unctuous agent to prevent the

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oould be found on autopsy, may bo regarded as a fiulurc. As the ex-

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suSioas to supply tho blood with oxygen, and to remove the ouhooia

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that are proper especially for the treatment of rheu-

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extend to the entire side of the face. It subsides,