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A specific for acute indigestion, chronic dyspepsia, heart-
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tissues. The deposits vary in character in different
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bution : Southern United States, Southern Europe, N. Africa ; characters of
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dog to dog, only to find a .spontaneous recovery in eight days.
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ovoid, marked division of cephalo-thorax into four plates, dorsal
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those from Australia, South Africa, and South and North
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Under this designation Goyan and Megnin described a der-
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heads or scolices. {/) A complex cyst, with secondary vesicles, in-
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and those that fail in this quest perish. Henrichsen has found
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Seas to the marine and terrestrial mammalia of the locality.
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Diagnosis is completed by the discovery of the sarcoptes,
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mouth, or if it cannot be retained, it should be inject-
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Treatment is the same as for calves or lambs, tracheal injec-
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Treatment. This is more satisfactory than in man, probably
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tion, rheumatism, disturbances of the heart action,
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16 ju. long by 4 to 7 ;u, broad, and has four pairs of flagella attached
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that in two months they were in beautiful condition as riding
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Habitat. Cooper Curtice discovered this in 1888 in the
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Helminthopsylla : Alakurt : With worm-like abdomen on cattle, horses,
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of the index finger. The mucosa on the lid, the protruding haw
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these give a dappled appearance because of the darker hue of the
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with one or more spurs ; the others are movable. The distal
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Parasites of the Air Passages and Lungs of Birds. 397
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Headache — Vertigo — Spinal Irritation — Con-
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of spines on each ring from the second to the ninth on the dorsal
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slightly blue under tincture of iodine. The failure to demonstrate
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as a chancre, or pox. and from th : s is developed a
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cats, fox, ferret, hedgehog, bats, birds, man, etc. This is a great
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agHiD iniiiiiiicraMe. The nearer tliey lie lo llic [tcriphrfy of Uio ItVOf^
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vIko the bile does not enter tbo iotcetinca, and conscqucatly
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