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close its stigmata it detaches itself, often rotating to the left, and

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many peculiar cells larger than the normal red globules, and dis-

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be dried up and arrested in their development for an indefinite

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and Goats. This worm is so named because of its affinity in

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Gall-6(ones occur more frequently lit women than in men, (ar room

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fields that receive the drainage of higher infested pastures during

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throat. Cases affecting the neck would extend to the shoulder.

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T. Epilans (making bald). In circinate ringworm, horse

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Similar measures should be adopted by a state, in case of the

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that pluck the fowls, or handle the feathers or manure. Usually

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exccNivcly hard ; if ire attempt to bend it, wo find tlut, bedcloa bolag

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it would therefore be useless to attempt any descrip-

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or fodder, or in cities in connection with grain. It has been

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am-rr itnth-rtake the mmlnation while tlie patient ia Standing or alttla^

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cru.sts in a dry warm room for 10 to 12 days, and though after

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