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Male 33^ to 7 lines in length, caudal membrane campanihform,
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and no hi.story of this parasite showing an apparent harmlessness,
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should be removed by steeping these once or twice in ether or ab-
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develop on ordinary otixed diet, if nmre of it lie vnnsuined Uuuj is n^
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oil' swclliii]; i>f the aUltiitwm, a fei>linff of ptvasurir oii-I Ui\\.' ■ <•
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and covering a more or less congested derma. When a number
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gophilus Bipectinatus : Live in quills ; harmless. Tetrarhynchus Moles-
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hours, which, however, had subsided by the eighth day.
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ovoid, brown, -^\-^ inch in diameter, with a larger operculum than
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cape into the boweU, and, being caught in the foldn of the mucooa
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Lesions. These worms burrow, hollowing out galleries and
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ricularum v. Canis. Symptoms: Shakes head, scratches ear, debris in
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grubs in the spinal canal, Baur in the subcutaneous muscles, and
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Parasitism differs from both in that one of the two draws its
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Spiroptera Hamulos'a (small hook) was found by Metterer in
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dotnen shonld only be Wpjirtl wWrv lifi- w imin<H]iatc)y ondani^red
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^Wtatarrfa of tl>c 6an- bronchia] ttilK-H, with coi^ and siUtiuit rboochi,
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ly white and scattered over different portions of the
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tricodectes latiis of the dog suggests a possibility of the discovery
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or less well founded suspicion. The ordinary signs are well illus-
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on a pre-anal tubercle. Oviparous, or ovoviviparous. Ova ellipti-
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slightly injurious effect on the wool, the mercurial dips injure by
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boscis bearing a double row of 28 to 50 hooks, remarkable for the
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very easily suffocated. A safe and effective method is to keep
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pi-ricnnliuni diiriiig tliotc <liiirii!<«s i.i repotted hi tlie peritonmnn during
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Tlte iiiclicutions froin the disease demand lius icmoral of tfao BuM
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After the attack is first controlled, the pills may be
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them, especially in young, check the spread from affected animals, treat
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thr (ilhcr, iho nutritJuu of tl>e liror<attIls i . . i ^so of thi<
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rower, punctations larger, genital pore between first intercoxal
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time. In a few minutes it may be swept out and buried or placed
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and is not treated with acaricides, it can only be considered quite
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taken at the beginning of an attack will invariably
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where the cereals are never seen and must be traced to other
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"When killed .six days later numerous cellular bodies, of variable
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blood beoonm poor, as the used-up Uoo^corpusdca ore not replaced
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ding to their \<^kct Poftbilis^ we define; a femi"
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over, bcsiilcs the lanlitcocnis di.^cncntMMi of tfae sploca, Uiere is uauall;
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subject under the use of vermifuges, and on another occasion has
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probably similar to that of the strongylus filaria and is favored by
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E. Bursa. Body ovoid, flattened, broad, nude, notched
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worm-bearing expectoration, dyspnoea, anaemia, emaciation. Treatment :
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some American species are the Adirondack black fly {S. Moles-
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cover up and extinguish the sulphur whenever the concentration
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present time and in our eastern markets scabby sheep are fre-
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Rh. Microplus from Paraguay (our B. Australis) ; — and the