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massive scab enveloping the roots of the wool, so that as it
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I gallon), or stavesacre (^ pound to i gallon) proves efEective,
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1-CP fXf^ «^i*3 ^^ ^^ ^-f^ ^f^ <^ ^^ ^^ tftl-'^
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these sometimes develop outside the parent vesicle and hang from
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that, a<:i»rditig U> Jii^itantky, there is about one case of cannr of
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gonia preying on cattle in New Caledonia is charged with propa-
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cape observation the crusts may be steeped for one or two hours
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sis — Paraphimosis — Stricture — Swelled Tes-
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affected sheep rubs its face on the fore limbs, or other objects and
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the female fly when about to deposit its young moves with great
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to the border of a large sucker. It is not especially injurious.
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Of tlw! dIseaaeA o( Ibc liver tlist have idroadj been dcscri bed,
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eleven months, and the mere disuse of buildings cannot lae trusted
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di<Teit<iiti.'kl diajfiic^s depends entirely on tho above fuetora, aa tlii-
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Gerlach estimated the natural encrease to be 1,500,000 in ninety
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with tbc furmation of gatl-stODet. But, iKstdcs this, it ia probable liut
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and even sloughs. The becomes extreme and conduces
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Men sufEer much more than women, and in many cases almost
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material as beef or mutton, and the old notion that
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tsenia, cyst continuous with the head ; (b) Cystoidotaenia, with caudal end
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so hirgc as to pii» thnnigh the Ix)wels witli difficulty, and may give
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Wandering flukes may be found outside the biliary passages.
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mucus, or the surface layer from the faeces placed under the mi-
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The organism is both aerobic and anaerobic, and forms numer-
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■*, tvhidi linv it is Irif, n [>nii11nr and iminunl eooriM-. I iki no4
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great depression, dullness, and even trembling, with short, hur-
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eolarfied, and tf Hie dudus cholcdodius bo dosed we also tccl tho full
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Each gnaws its way into the epidermis and constructs its own
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article rounded in male. Europe, Asia, Africa. H. Punctata.
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usually present, but especially so, if there is pressure on the op-
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sophic resource of extirpating the parasite. This is the counter-
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perspirations, and other secretions, and the shelter afforded to the
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bicuspid, and one rounded process ; dart (hypostome) with 3 rows
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tplUsa. To tlib It in nbjratcd that tlifl bUiMcfdi exial fat tbo blood la
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the head is small and the buccal capsule constricted, with a
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the infusoria are seen as minute white spots moving in the mucus
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oorrectneas of this explanation vert- quiattUMiablc. Tbo intensotjr
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Distribution. This tick is very common in forests and un-
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the preservation and multiplication of the sporocysts and counter-
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rexia, thirst, fever, leaves flock, droops head, wings and tail, emaciation, de-
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early .stages can be slaughtered. Advanced are poor and
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on nuto]«y biul i^vidvntl}- n-Hultini fKmi llio cxteosioa of tbe ilugen
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external apophysis. Dart (hypostome) with 4 rows of teeth on
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application ; so is calcium .sulphide solution. If a more rapid agent
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Dr. Gunn's Home Cough Lozenge. — A pleasant and efficacious
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follow this habit. Boys often learn the evils of this
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Salmon and Stiles give the ticks as a superfamily , divided into
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oiul nodular, and ihc capsuUtcd exmhilioiis appear like irregularis-
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six expanding papillae constituting a sucker. The pharynx has
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be repeated twice a year. To complete the purification fumigate
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one tubercle each (female). CI. and S. America. A. Scutatum.
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deaorvw the rnosl ivUnncc. W» tnay give twclw dirjps of laudanum
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are described, in chickens (2), pigeons (i), pheasant (i), pea-fowl
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distoiKli^l bilc-ducM, perhaps also fioni llio pressure of tbc Uh> cnU«^
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the four sucking discs. The first segments are short and nearly
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Essential Cause. Psoroptes Communis var. Equi. Pso-
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the small intestine of the uncinaria in large numbers. Accessory
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very luge iuioi, or tbose near llie surface, are jreiieraUy etovst«d abore
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this character the heart disturbance is sympathetic,
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liver. Yet the agent is too dangerous an one to be scattered reck-
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if any bones are broken, the first thing to do is to
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may fairly be claimed as a friend of the farmer in preserving his
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form of the T. Canina is encysted in the dog louse (Trichodectes