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ment, close, dark, damp stables, moulting, abrasions, vermin, morbid skin

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Treatment. The disease .spreads slowly from fowl to fowl,

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would not bo so many healthy and bloonung cJiildren. If titcni be P

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ifao solo means of rcoigniziDg an railargnnont of tho splovu, aa Uial

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mm. , like larval trichina, but contains ova and embryo which distinguish it.

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Listrophorous Mustelae which is a harmless commensul on both

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Genus: Syngamus, (syn with, gamos marriage). Copulation

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ed till marriage, when it is found that every attempt

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with an hour's interval between the doses. It should

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buccal papillae, oesophagus club-shaped ; male with bell-shaped caudal mem-

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toneum of the domestic ruminants, and less so in the pig, or in

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bowels and fulfills its destiny in propagating its kind. (See

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Prevention. Though contagion takes place slowly and un-

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Cause : Actinomyces. Accessory causes : tonsillar follicles, raw gums,

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Smithfield, London, .sheep market had on each market day 5,000

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The coenurus usually affects lambs, and rarely sheep of over

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The hornet asilus (^4. Crabroniformis) , easily recognized by

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that have already gained admission. If light is admitted on the

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Tincture of aconite root, ten drops; tincture of lo-

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der to keep up the vital action their places must be

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Third palpal article without ventral spine, in male and female.

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feeding such food to animals have not proved successful. Man is

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kerosene, oil of tar, oil of turpentine, quick lime, added to their

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monri** d>-coctioti. I afl4-nrnnl M-nt ibn patient to a watcr«un> •••

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sheep should be seen and critically examined twice a day. One

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R bnrcl tumor Ui tbe right byiMidicnidrinin. If thi- (umttra - i iiii nii"

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thcepigastnumisfiniit notice"! ; 8iib»e<iiicotlylbeduInes8 over the right

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HolotrichcB. Entirely ciliated, in hay and in rumen.

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From Cancer it differs in showing no predilection for the glands,

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other animals kept in the same buildings with the fowls cr near

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ing the greater portion of the day and before going

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pore, anus with anal valve, anal shields, ventral shields,

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broad and 1.5 mm. long: genital pore single, and irregularly

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is occasionally found under the splenic peritoneum in sheep.

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oxpbiulioti, whicJi I licliovo lo bo tbo correct otiv: "After tlin rmi-

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animal during life. When invading the lungs the slow progress

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tiic dintiirlxmro of the braio function. It is cortainlr possibLe tiiat the

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parasite is named from the division of the pharynx in two cavi-

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