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csecum, colon, and stomach of rabbits, wild and tame.
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in short comma. Anal shields of male absent. Coxse I not bifid ;
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The male is 40 mm. long and th.& female 45 mm. of which ^ds.
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animals as well as men and in the same organs, while mycetoma
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of course excepted. It must be noted further that the rabbit acts
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or under the eaves, similarly bent, and covered at their inner
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As seen at Ithaca the fungous growth has appeared mainly on
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muscular eluiueDts, is just us obecitrv. The swelling of tlto spleen in
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To protect the bodies of Animals in Stable and at Work.
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pital or their homes as soon as possible. If no am-
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sufficient light causes the eyes to make extra efforts
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Quinine, twelve grains: tannic acid, ten grains; bo-
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Biology. Grassi has traced the life history of this spiroptera,
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Bonie of the uriniftirous tubules filled witli a brown or blade deposit.
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Hystrichis Tricolor (Barbed whip). Proventriculus :
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The flies deposit their eggs in wounds, on soiled surfaces, on the
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the anterior bifid and the middle simple. The tail of the female
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worry will retard recovery, so that in such cases the
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tant «jlnpU>in is the gradual <lbt«ntIoD «f the nhilomtm by li- ■
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In any case of convulsions, or fits, the first thing
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the intestinal walls, muscles and other tissues of pike and turbot.
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imperfect and bring upon it discredit and condemnation. If the
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often two accessory shields behind the latter. Scutum festooned
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apparently (ndioatetl disturbanoe of the ciivulatlon in the roola uf ll>e
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fint sign of imprm-emcnt, tho pbyaMan, and often ahK> the patiently
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dotibtftil whether this bo duo to the yelloir liue of the tniitt]untiil
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post-anal papillae on each side, and membraneous alae enclosing
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Treatment : Caustic, oil of turpentine, oil of tar. Disinfection of buildings.
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tom,s exceptional ; emaciation, anaemia, jaundice. Treatm,ent, preventive.
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The diagnosis is based on the gradually advancing character of
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mature, and develop their natural improved family form, or they
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that of laying the eggs on the lips and jaw, and of hooking on to
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feed, after a purgative the night before, and should be followed
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small building is made capable of holding one animal, without
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Anatomical ArrEAitASCES. — \\Tiile, in normal blooil, there are
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appearance of a distended abdomen. Body filiform, male 6 to 8
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dons the hunt and runs wildly, striking blindly again.st obstacles
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elongated, rounded ends, broadest in front of median constriction ; brown,
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tion from the diseased animals and from the original sources of
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at night, if possible, and for this purpose the fol-
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^Htlio adrntnistnttion of an cmctia During tbo net of rumidng, the tnle
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first there are redness, depilation, small papules and a slight scur-
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pharynx are three teeth which can be projected externally. The
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woman with a chronic skin di.'iease, on whose skin the acarina
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its prevalence. In swine the follicles of the tonsils have been
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