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tatcd, ospocaally in children and younj; girls, flatly, the irritation of

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Thus it is that the existence and gravity of a parasitism often de-

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The head is small, round or angular, with two serrated maA-

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attempt to swallow. This has .secured for the disease the name of

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tenuity of the part succeeding the small head, which has two

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lysol (1:100). Sewell recommends ointment of nitrate of mer-

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of "granular Hvcr." If the gnimilatioiis arc all of llic same siie, as

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liver of small rodents, tubular with pea-like anterior dilatatiofl and opening

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in the solid form is dissolved slowly and imperfectly as it passes

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short by a dose of aloes and hyoscyamus or belladonna. The

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usually four-sided, the suckers forming the projecting angles.

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the appetite, relieves the cough, diminishes the expecto-

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•ds of the liver, and to oongosUoo in ttio mota of the portal reins

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dorsal, abdominal spots (female). Africa. A. Hippopotaniense .

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