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itching and rubbing of some circumscribed part of the skin, most

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tiows, lirrnat, tita. line yvUow hue of the aderotic, which may also

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Infusoria: Trichomonas Eberthi (one flagellum). Intestinal

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thirst, somnolence, digestive disorder, diarrhoea, marasmus and

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are usually looked upon with little apprehension. There are

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fitlncss after raiting; tlii;7 sulTi-r from Itatulcitou tuod conatipatina. The

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male .20 mm. long. Zurn claims that this may cause scabies in

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tract, and for this the usual vermifuges and purgatives may be

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of moving granules and rods. Accessory Causes : As in tinea tonsurans,

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and exacerbation of symptoms are not uncommon, the latter cor-

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plaitted by tlw physioloiry nf tlie furmutiuti of bile. There i> no

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stomach and intestines and especially in the lungs, so that the

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in the manure or burrow in the earth and in 24 hours the envelope

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In Florida specimens Dr. Fish found the well developed nodule

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meiekr found tliut, In the atrophic fomi of uutn>eg-liver, u wcU as in

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Scutum oval, punctations numerous on whole surface. Trinidad.

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from itiJhif only you fh all dojbe pie a fed to give way

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having been confounded with the chigoe sarcopsylla, the burrow-

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'*So much ia oertaui, tbe brahMymptoms caimot be r«ganh<d aa dxv

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r^nriltnurtita Tlie IntestiiMs usually adbero hi shapeless masara,

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no parasites from a single deer, and under favorable conditions

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sharp point ; ovoviviparous. Hosts : Calves, bovines. Strongylus Pulmo-

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Treatment. — Strict attention must be given to the

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solute dulneea. Tbe aitxicty of Ibe {Kitiuut b [litiful ; lie licac«x^