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tient feels as if a current of cold air was blowing
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Perforans of the dog is found in the intestinal epithelium of the
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postero-internally. Genital pore large, between coxae I and II.
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iplinliu glands in (he iin-k or rlsowbeiu If wo earvfully euuniiM
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diagnosis of GBDCcr of tho liv«rquttoeasy; but, as we lia\-Q bdiiro said.
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m'er thu cnUru nbilomeii. It is only in rheumatic peritonitis, nod
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small orifices varying in number from one to five or six. The
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rapidly run together forming extensive patches. Psoroptic
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free use of whisky or brandy, and the inhalation of
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stomach, One gramme (16 grains) for every 100 pounds of the
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the strength. of the patient and enabling it to outlive the parasite.
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psoroptes respectively and punctured his own skin, when the
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small building is made capable of holding one animal, without
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ening and perhaps actually causing suffocation. Short of a fatal
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period of extreme cutaneous congestion and impaired nutrition ;
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wandering or ency.sted trichina. Both sexes are further dis-
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in two sheep fifteen months after infesting. A period of seclu-
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From pyaemia it is to be distinguished by the persistence of the
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For Opium — Strychnine — Arsenic — Lead — Aco-
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As they do not often rise to the dignity of a plague they will be
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mucosa, and when present in large numbers cause great irrita-
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the gall ducts, but convalescence is usually but partial and the
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The genus linguatula (tongue-like) is a degraded form of
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is washed off next day and the surface is covered with the follow-
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many peculiar cells larger than the normal red globules, and dis-
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lungs, and the air sacs of the soft parts, and less frequently of
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weapon). The characteristic of this form is the absence of
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from this form of heart trouble is to frequently con-
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bnak. Tliis may ooour into tb« alidcNuiiul ojkvily, or, if tliciv bas boon
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to divide the courw into two ittagea. In Atrophy following h^pcr
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asites are found in the clear granular and fibrous debris where
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cretes in scabs or mats the adjacent hairs. The spots may unite
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post-anal papillae on each side, and membraneous alae enclosing
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genial climate, absence of frosts, a damp soil, and a heav}' stock-
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matic cord. Nodules the size of a walnut with yellowish caseat-
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three colors ; in proventriculus. Strongylus Nodularis, with two buccal
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apirits of ether, 3 j, whidi is prcwnbiNl, in dra{M)oaoa, by Radtmactitr
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Dffly rare, and when they do oocur it b only hi tbu oourto of
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RUDislKd, BO dial it a{>)Knrs flattened, lla scroui covering h loow,
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ated, vc cannot render them pcn'ioua egain, nof cuu wo oausn an ex-
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three days begins to lay eggs. Each blood-fed female lays on an
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Volatile and diffusible agents like kerosene, crude petroleum, as-
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of the tooth, and thus give rise not only to tooth-
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The stables or other buildings should be well aired and lighted,
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nympha, CE. Nasalis: Fly 4 to 5^ lines, thorax golden, abdomen in
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mm. long and the male .22 mm. A few attempts to transmit it
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caudal end, bearing several papillae the last of which bears a well
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minal ones being the longest and about equal ; in the female the
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number of young flukes, by the encreased formation of glycogen
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treatment of pemidous intermittent fever. We cannot fiilfil tlte Ind^
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and Scl^ Gregory y AmiffiOy Nicholas^ ; ScorpiOy 0-
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lutatives, given during tho attacks, increase tho pain, and, moTcoi'cr,
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head, and its broad oval abdomen with two rows of hairs on each
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Prevention must be sought by the compulsory seclusion of
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ueithcr the |^ll-b!ad<W nor ducts arc distended vilh I»li\ I agm
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small rodents, sparrows. Pathogenesis : Duodenal catarrh ; vermifuge treat-
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body. The scurfy concretion and erection of a tuft of hair may
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prothorax, none on head. Prevention : Boil blankets, rugs and clothing ;
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The mature larva (^bot) as found in the stomach in spring and
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as eczema. All troubles of this kind are due to ob-
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it may be noted that the head and thorax have become confluent
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Infusoria. Globidium Leuckarti. Tania Perfoliata : Large unarmed
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and disinfecting powder, which gives good results in
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Ulinry obstructioo, occasionaUy boaNncs amatlor, ami wni-ii*, and itiat,