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than the S. Contortus. It has a chalky white color, and shows
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more mucous and rattling, and suffocation threatens. Emacia-
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ptitinnl. If the alMocm ItMoaw adlMininl In tho aoli-rior alxlumbia]
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worm and 4 to 6 inches long (male) ot 7 to 10 inches (female).
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ease is dpRncd by VircAoie as a "chaiij^ in the constitution of the
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membrane bilobed, eight-ribbed ; female with curved, blunt tail, ova ellip-
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In<-i)f)iliitii-useaouluf ihitty-flix) reniainn sninll in »on<e ouics, iwd why
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ripe fruits in their season, if they do not disagree
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3. Mature Male and Female. From the moulting, which
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tliere Ss none, but this b rare; for, besKks the obstruction of ilw ve»
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only a slij^ht nmount of foreign stibstanoes entrrs the peritonaeum, iImJ
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man, however, the extent of its prevalence cannot be fairly esti-
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of lat in the liver. In Ihc one nun, tnt or the nuttftlanora from vrlac^
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Symbiotes Communis (Spathiferus). Abdominal lobes of
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true skin. As it multiplies and expands it rises all around,
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Similar nodules were found in the liver (Martin), atid in the
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used freely. The physician may often find it neces-
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amination may detect some red, closely set papules. The skin at
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Treatment would be on the same lines as for other animals, but
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panies to move from state to state by conveyance, public or private,
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hibernates, escapes in 10 months, forms pupa in ground and in 3 to 8 weeks
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and on rubbing objects carry the parasite with them. Unfenced
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sheep to receive the drippings from their fleeces and run them
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animals the feet, limbs and, in the case of the herbivora, the
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usually dies tbc f«cond dny, moie rarely the fourth or fifUi day, or
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sive timidity suggests a hydatid in the cerebellum, the opening
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hour till relieved or till five or six doses are taken.
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early summer, measures 7 to 9 lines in length, has a yellowish
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taches bots ; or pick off with finger, spatula or wire loop. CE. Trompe.
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■Igna of great bllhuy olstrui'tion. TIm dilatation ami dUtrntion with
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Cysticercus Fistularis : Tape-worm larva in peritoneum, solipeds. France,
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same place, and above all on the discovery of the sarcoptes,
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pig, Thin Gyropus, no piercing tube, narrow head, white or yellow ; Oval
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ctia {SieMd) ihnt n-Btiocrciw <wlIuhMc does to tKcm solium; i.e.,
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CE. Venulosum. Intestine and intestinal walls. Sheep,
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mi]X'niliv('ly nerys-iarj- to obtain a perfect history of tbo case by a
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and finally falciform. Pathogenic to poultry, turkeys, pigeons. Symptoms :
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CimI tlic liilc nlbvmunoiu. Pnticnta with lij-pcncouB of the livc-r Iuito
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The symptoms vary according to the position and number of
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Rules Je[odj^\\<\\\i\t\\ his Influence by Cheru*
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fh'ip.Crtamen & citra cmmm violentiam Separata,
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tonsurans consist largely in the prevalence of oval spores, the
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or gland openings ("lumpy-jaw"). The jaw may show a
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The disease is much more rare in the mammal but treatment
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red precipitate (1:8 of lard): oleate of mercury: biniodide of
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gerous. The coiniMresdou of the lon-cr lolws of tlio hm« by the up-
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