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ed by the interlobular veins, while there U only a Imce of inli-nti-

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tliis in to be girca in the inoniinjc, and the dose is gradually tncreBaod

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Others have sought to slough out the diseased mass by the use of

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auce, besiiles tl)c srali.'a-s, ihu^ltr nwiclcs develop in tho mother

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boat, or brought to any sales-stable, fair, market or show, and

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csecum, colon, and stomach of rabbits, wild and tame.

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the p.soroptes, the ovigerous female being .36 to .40 mm. long,

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drinking troughs or dishes, by infested members of the pack,

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oscrction of the bile-adds through the Iddncys, vfau^ prevents tbor

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tions of serum subcutem, in the abdomen and sometimes in the

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Uwt of the gnll-dnclA, becaiuc, from tlic »nito uigle itt whidi tt opens,

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b perfnRiteri, and the coateiiLs of tht! absfuas cither enter the abiio

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animals as well as men and in the same organs, while mycetoma

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pear to travel first in the blood of the portal vein, and the ma-

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painful. The discharges, of a jelly-like mucus, are

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of course excepted. It must be noted further that the rabbit acts

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trachea, bronchia, lungs and the various air-sacs in soft tissues :

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or under the eaves, similarly bent, and covered at their inner

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paired, and all ambition is lost. Of course these are

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inch long; ova with button-like prolongation. Causes indigestion, ill-

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cough. After a few days the expectoration increases

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be strained and pressed, the liquor mixed with the sulphur made

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muscular eluiueDts, is just us obecitrv. The swelling of tlto spleen in

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but liith> opposition to iu onUigamenl, to tiao, b«m tlielr iltitht ela»

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the horse (Wallraff), the human being (Henderson), to cattle

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phites of lime and soda should be given in tablespoonful

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the back. The experiment should be repeated on the raw kera-

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that tli« afTcclion wiia ilun to a brood of lij'datidx. •

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first pair of limbs. Mature male .26 to .28 mm., ovigerous fe-

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OXamiDiiig the bodiM of [MnaDH who barl <lici) of itontouitk mHi

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Biology. Grassi has traced the life history of this spiroptera,

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Balantidium Coli (balantidion a little pouch). Paramcecium

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eggs in collections of manure, in which the larvae are produced.

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lostuial utoors, and in ukvraliona of the ooDcum, and the VBraufiarm

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on these as well as on the other parts of the mucosa are deep red

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posteriorly in the male ; rostrum conical, as broad as long, devoid

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Railliet claims that he has kept them alive for months in an

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cause indigestions or severe itching and straining and according

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tant «jlnpU>in is the gradual <lbt«ntIoD «f the nhilomtm by li- ■

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gation of the parasite through the mature worms and their eggs

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understand why the {tax* arc almoct ftltrays dry. But, inor«ot-vr,

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men and the tension of its walls may impede the movements of the