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largml, and wc have tito sUtle called " cbronio spleeit tumor " or liypet*
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on sheep suffering from louping-ill &nA are therefore suspected.
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felted mass of branching, transparent filaments (thallum),
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Infusoria: Trichomonas Eberthi (one flagellum). Intestinal
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produce verminous bronchitis in sheep. It is sometimes met by
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caudal membrane ; 2 spicula. Vulva toward the posterior sixth
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in severe shock it is necessary to wait till reaction
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during inspiration, assists tlie evacuation of the biWluctp, it is Iruo,
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ripe fruits in their season, if they do not disagree
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is slowly recovering, such food as will build up the
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Nematodes : Strongylus Strigosus : Gastric contents.
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'*So much ia oertaui, tbe brahMymptoms caimot be r«ganh<d aa dxv
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that every effort to treat the disease is liable to be
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Flat headed Tape-worms. (Bothriocephalus, bothrios a
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no parasites from a single deer, and under favorable conditions
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except, absent from dorsal centre on eighth and ninth, and from all but the
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the pulmonary (and intestinal) parasites. Foiirth : Combat
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much irritation, sleeplessness and scratching with the production
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sheep, ox, goat, red and fallow deer, rabbit, hare, pig,, dog,
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Saccharomyces Guttulatus. This is normally present in
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The changes in the wool, in old standing cases, are marked.
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the same source, should be rendered or otherwise thoroughly de-
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products to dogs only after boiling ; boil, burn, or deeply bury carcases,
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dency to hook itself to other parts of the intestine or the anus.
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Others have sought to slough out the diseased mass by the use of
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should be frequently and thoroughly removed. The liberal use
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Ulinry obstructioo, occasionaUy boaNncs amatlor, ami wni-ii*, and itiat,
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All ages and conditions of solipeds harbor these, the one pre-
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with excess of the normal scent, later there are crusts which mat
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Three trematodes have been found in the intestines of solipeds,
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the heart of a dog at Paris. Serres records the death of a dog
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painful. The discharges, of a jelly-like mucus, are
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moniously, in one line, to one end. Efficient work should eradi-
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or under the eaves, similarly bent, and covered at their inner
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As seen at Ithaca the fungous growth has appeared mainly on
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To protect the bodies of Animals in Stable and at Work.
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pital or their homes as soon as possible. If no am-
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