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Lastly, tbc color of the lumor is milk-white or roddlsli, Mooidiug tis it

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digestion, diarrhoea and enteritis. Treatm,ent : Oil of turpentine, tartar

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the wool is shed, and may hang in white tufts among the

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hocks, exceptionally to the legs and thighs and still more rarely

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bing, scratching, pecking, biting, depilation, abrasion, excoriation, scab-

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of a Kiu'Utnd ptlwot box ewu been ooinpnred to a Kxi|>-betory, nnd

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[emuing eollcrlion of fluid within it. The UDiiaunl M-nkitivrtu'ss of

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matter siuxcwivoly booomoa green, Uiic, violet, red, and liaally pale

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BtroDg and tvell-DOurished, wc silentlj pass over other roasoiu tar

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The essential cause is the presence in large numbers of the par-

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iliUc hepfltilis, for, even in those cases when; tlte <liscn»o is rcoofftilaaJ

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has delirium ; and, if at the same time the tongue bcy»mo dry, Um

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Vfw wl a,nr Into titn biWIitrix, Iml that each uftltoae ana) ay^lt-iiM may

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spot may be felt indiqating the seat of the parasite.

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describes a larger Coccidium (80 to 100 i*. long by 70 to 90//. wide)

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T^XTUEXT. — We ciiu only treat tlioso caws of bili.iri' olMtrurtior

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the mucosa is inflamed and between the folds the worms are

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segments. Dr. Faville had studied the parasite in Colorado,

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niMJ nulrilionof tlte jMticot suller, ho bet-vunea cairlMvtie mii] «xctt-

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tonitis from perforation also, excessive pain over tbe wbole

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ia very rcprclieiKible. In tlie ne.\t plaoc, vc iiboukl partloolariy attr-nd

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Susceptibility : Youth, short hairs, unexplained personal proclivity. May

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As pbyiimi aid* for ni-oj^iisng RuUrgenient of llm IJvnr, wo faan

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old as well, they prove very injurious. At the Brussels Veteri-

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man or pig. Megnin found under these conditions a congestion

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stomach, small intestines, liver, pancreas or sweet

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firmly against the under surface of the upper lip at

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adapted to the scientific treatment of each class of diseases.

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massive scab enveloping the roots of the wool, so that as it

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iviously cin-unaofbcd, ami might have ronuUncd to, spread orer tbo

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site and extend along the duct toward the intestine following the

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■nf( cotnptinntixl nith any other diseaa«. It is quite different willi

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On microaoopical examination, instead of the nonuol tivrisM^^U, wo

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affect the acari in the air-passages and sacs, and the bird must be

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to tlie amount of cnlargcniertt of the spleen, justifies us in not lallog too

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that have been carried in cars or other public conveyance, that

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name of mucorimyces cams familiaris was probably aspergillus.

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worms or ova in mucus or surface layer of faeces. Necropsy : Bloodless, hy-

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and absorbed, while the other develops a globular head and forms

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OUT mistaWing itv|>liilitic induralKin of the liver foj nrrhiwis ;

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raised up and cut off with a sharp pair of scissors

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A specific in go7iorrhea, gleet, and inflammation of the

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Leuckart (1863) found this in the colon and rectum of pigs in

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from a cnmmenniig ty]>hu!t, it is advLtnhle to be rcry guaHed in diag-

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Symptoms. The dog may show a special disposition to shake

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tubernnoea, with ibo previoualy-desctibed peculiarities of hydatid cyets,

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patch on tail or hips, wriggles tail, rubs, bites, tears out white tufts, open

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