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most destructive sheep entozoon of the Rocky Mountain Regions
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the flies. Steel would prevent infection by covering all sores by
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and may exceptionally show small vesicles, or suppuration.
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ivctness of Uic li>-pothc»is that this form of spleen-disease b caused la
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circular, bounded by a prominent ring with six papillae. The
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circle of booklets on the proboscis. The armed are sub-divided
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At first the skin is hot and dry, and the pulse full
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SntmncB um Coimax.— On autopsy, large okaiU or niuketoui
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lapc-worm, was tbeo treated with pumpkin-seed, and passed titi-
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Syjotoms iXD COPRSE.— It is MMvclj- possibt« to give a (kscrii
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with iminflamed parts of the periloiia^um. Hence, by chci'king thit
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Receptivity to distoma and distomatosis on the part of the
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duct is rare, but probably its most fHX|«ent cmiac is inultilocnlaT hr-
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are also indicated. If the breathing fails artificial
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and from the whole pasture when soaked by a prolonged rain-
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For Oic fulfilment of the indiouiions from Hie Jtafa^e, ihn abslnH
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they will resort to this bath at intervals and quickly destroy all
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may actually block the pylorus or some portion of the small in-
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these appear of a pale, yellowish hue, or are altogether impercep-
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that are proper especially for the treatment of rheu-
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Prevention. While the wolf is a possible source of the echino-
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Stigmata usually triangular with rounded angles. Nearly always
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If we do not unili-rtnke llie exandnalJon very quietly and conrftiUy,
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malarial ltif:-ction, calls for the same treatment that was rmoaHMndad
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one end which opens to allow the exit of theiembryo.
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tonis arc flli^bt ajid obscun- ; Ibe patients (x>m[>lain of prcssum ami fat-
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stantly attacks it, projecting its conical borer into its skin, and
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gonia preying on cattle in New Caledonia is charged with propa-
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vertebrates, which are in turn devoured by the pig and the larva
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to accomplish the marital act is accompanied by in-
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connective tissue, especially the subcutaneous, in the gallinacese
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oral sucker and gullet, and giving off numerous ramifying
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SncnoUB AXo C\)l-fiaK. — Contnetioa and chwure of iJie dootoa
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The symptoms of the abaocss wluch remains and gmdinlly ii^
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definite symptoms during life, and treatment has never been
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fibrin wlitcb partly swini in the fluid, partly sink, niid coU«ct in (h^fl
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trillion (if qHininc. In these catt», also, it would be dilBcuJl to bdiCTO
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extends, adjacent centres become confluent, and in some weeks it
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mals the winter season is the main period of invasion, the dry.
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Dog. In the dog there is the same tendency to invasion of the
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very satisfactory results. Picrate of potash (dose 3 to 4 grains)
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Habitat. In hard submucous tumors of the oesophagus and
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pliln) form »f mil nx'g- liver, AoourdtnjT to FftrMt, tbo atrophi
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detention the inspector of the bureau should personally see the
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disintegration. Another feature of these cysts is that the inner
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would also tend to destroy the embryos. La fosse 'believed that
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adjacent higher level which is still damp but not submerged.
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ilttums, but it is ycllowncoa of the skin and eyes, tlial iudttoea ihr
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ktwntton (ram tlto rxiuninntion, l>)' (jucsUons, etc In nuinjr cases of
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S, Poritonilis may result from pnt]nigatiun of inflammation frotD
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Gadding of Cattle. From the time of Virgil ''gadding'' has
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Preve7ition and treatment will be the same as for strongylus con-
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