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The characteristic features of the different groups and genera of
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Characters of female and male. Body oval (fasting), dorsal shield trans-
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eye, which they examine by everting the upper lid over the tip
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and Guadaloupe. It attacks horses, mules and cattle producing
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Pathoge7iesis. Symptoms. When present only in small num-
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Ventral aspect of uniform color. Outer angle of 2d palpal
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ry fuh\iance of that which is faid to be the caufe ;
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haps an inch in thickness. Under the desperate rubbing the
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toms of congestion ; Mcondly, beouusc in aomn c»c« of drritosis, ntxl
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increasing reeiatjuico ; by degrees tho nbdoincn becomes uusyuundtictl
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ings must be thoroughly cleaned ; infested rugs, carpets, litter,
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ears it should be seen to at once; and, in the absence
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These are almost identical with those of the sheep. It harbors
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dis'ease on the pasture or water-shed, or the introduction of
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of the above methods. For a length of time the standard dips
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phurous acid solution applied on surgeons' cotton and closely
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vertebrae. Schortmann and Chiari found perforation of the
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the effete material that has accumulated in the sys-
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the black fails to branch. Smoky aspergillus the most dangerous. Lesions :
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thorough cleanliness. The same breeds born in America part with
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In itii]>piir3live pyleplilebilis, instead of atroph,<i^ug gmdttally, the
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expIaiiM liow tlic iplccn maj be fiiannouBly distended by inj^diona
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the lungs. Usually a slight lack of condition, only, is seen in the
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presence of the acarus. Treatment : Nourishing food, open air, in summer
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creatic duct, having penetrated from its normal habitat in the
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a hard chitinous curved jaw, terminating in three strong sharp
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thrombus dissolves into a puruloid fluid. This is, for llie moat jMrt, a
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T. Latus (Broad). Dog. Host of cyst of taenia canina.
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Genus: Syngamus, (syn with, gamos marriage). Copulation
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if the tntestiaes be empty, and tlic abdominal iralls roJAXed, tt «xt«nda
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or jnniper-bcrrios : but those should he avoidt^ in tnfUiaimatory
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whole dorsum except a thin marginal zone of a lighter color,
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production of a new brood of larva which alone prove predaceous.
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tilocularis, and characterized by the development of clusters of
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amined for f^-6toDc«, afford numerous examples of this.
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are equally predaceous. The chrysops is named from the golden
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Demodex FoUiculorum var. Bovis. The length is 20 mm.
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the distention depends but little on filling of the abdomen with exuda-
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H. Leachi. This deserves record as the bearer of the proto-
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however, rather taciturnity and snappishness than a disposition to
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as in dog. Uncinariasis : Progressive debility, emaciation, softness, spirit-
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Buspcct inultilooular hj-datids. XTndcr such circumstancics, the ohstnw-
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Wliclher the deslruction of the parcDP-hyniii-cells of tbo liver, iu
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If drainage is impossible the land may be pastured by cattle or
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