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poisoning by (lie iMloncids hi excx'ssivi- and protiactod ictertu, by saT-
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tooth, tarsi large, thick, short, bulging toward the extremity,
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i* a dcpoxil of fine granular pigment, luutiailatly in tlte ridnity of thi
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cava aud ihu lltao vdnit, wliciu tlteru is inm^i (.•llWon, cau>e« nhstnifr
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and the most charact^iriittio symptom. Any slij;'ht pressure on the ab-
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Female. — Spine on Coxse I long, on postero-median angle.
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scribed S[iots ; so that, as Virckow snys, in these cases there was not
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circle of booklets on the proboscis. The armed are sub-divided
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at once, as such cases are serious, and require im-
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tion of the brain ^in tvrcnly-4>{ght eases of inlernultens oophaltca that
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Tarsi II to IV with terminal tuberosity (male). A. Concolor.
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Eioettes, which givn thein n pnctilnr appeamnoo. Biliary <!ak-uli hare
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igD l)odii-9 into tbe pcHtoncnl sao. Thus pcrfonttuig idcer or can-
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booklets. Segments at first hemispherical clasping the head, then
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Sclerostoma Equinum. This is by far the most dangerous
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Trematodes : Distoma Hepaticum. Embryos in duodenum.
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from the redia by an orifice back of the ring, and actively bores
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measures for the extermination of this disease. The Bureau of
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The upper surface of the mandibles is sometimes covered by a
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It is very probable that tho dilatation of the blood-veesels and thu
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one or more eggs seen through its usually transparent body, and
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An almost constant internal existence appears to be needful to
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tinguiEh between tlic colorini; matter of the bile nnd otber coloring
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and dipped or freely sprinkled in sheds of the wool with insect
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Treatment. — The hot hip-bath and hot hop foment-
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switching of the tail, and a stiff awkward gait. This habit, with
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the large intestines. It is caused by the same gen-
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be conceived to he difcerpible into lejl ; As little a<
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of months in winter. In this way they easily survive from year
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Abound in low, damp lands, brush and woods. Prevention, etc. as for
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vulva toward the posterior fifth of the body, covered by a tongue-
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ffc iniut mt^ition injuries, suppurations, thromboses, and infhunmutions
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broad, and II to IV three times as long as broad, have each two
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which spends its larval stage in the lymph glands of the sheep,
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AsxroitHML AiTCJiiiAKCES.— ^Vmyloid diif^iMMintWQ may cause u
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UinnnbiLt of tkosfi Bpa<»«, as it vccta, and, like otbi^ thrombi, uxmld
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ally, vomitinfT. The secretion of «alira is abnoet alwaya increased, so
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dice, the beat of the beaut and ptdse bceon>c irregular and intermitteui ;
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mature form in different organs and species. Mature Linguatula Tcenio-
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of their head, and proboscis and their manner of feeding.
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the body. Ova elliptical, transparent, often segmente.d.
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Prussia 200,000 francs are lost yearly by echinococcus (Schmidt).
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tion of exposure or sale ; damages for neglect ; trace and quarantine all
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of ocui of tlto crural ririiii^ cut uafrDqtUiitly a dui oooura not only in
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gallons. Sufficient for 50 sheep. Use at 70° F. and work well
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Common in the young — man and animal ; transmissible from one to the
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ignored. Cases of this kind may be treated as in the horse.
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in the joints on motion, which is due to the forma-
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infected districts. Odier claimed that one-fourth of the inhabi-
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cum is now held to be distinct. Its prevention and treatment
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mation and lOceratJOD of the gall-bladder and excTctory ducts, wliich
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light on one side only, admit air through bent tubes, enter the animals one
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