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Monoxenous Parasites (monoy one, xenos hcstj are such as
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tlie fmlily-es pressed jukna of tamxatnim, liielidoctiuin, <rt«,, hnirc
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dmstlcs ia explained by tlio eflcet they have of increasing tbe peristaltic
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Genus : CEsophagostoma. Marked by the absence of any
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ity. Symptoms : Red papule, grows to round scaly spot, hairs erect,
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only aooompaBied by dyspcptio syinptoaw, and geoenily by <£ant)CBa,
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presence of the acarus. Treatment : Nourishing food, open air, in summer
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mation of similar surfaces in other portions of the
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^^latter W|Uoeiea past the cakuli, or that eren oomparatinily Urge cmt
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Diagnosis is to be made from red mange with diflaculty, but
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failure to breed, and in some cases drowsiness, vertigo, paralysis,
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attack is over. If there is much pain in the bowels,
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l!on of the peritoiueuui, such as auxinomatous or lubcrmloue. Of tbc
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which the various names of the affections have been derived :
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intestine of cattle. In a recent case of repeated and fatal choking
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is much more rare than the taenia serrata. It may attain a length
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face with a thick cloth or leather to protect the applications, and
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The orifice enlarges, and the mature larva bores its way out, in
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from aseitoH. But, wbcn tho cyat is veij- large, tbo peculiar form of
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After a paroxysm, however, thirty drops of tincture
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are projected— triangular, furnished with three horny bars and
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and with marked discoloration and whiteness. Irritation and
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be explained by the fact that wounds of tlie skull aSffcling Uie dJploS
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eased, clean, disinfect house, soften scales in tepid water, then smear with
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the parent worm has been expectorated it may be again swal-
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breast will secrete the milk. At the first application
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worm (male ^ inch, female yi inch) which was found in large
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'the fact that, in i<pit^ uf vncmala ami the ncn tif Mntonin, noma
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liiij* front tlvc livrr to tito antenor nbdon^iiAl wall, lwtwi'<>n the fbldi
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{dnural sac or tliu lung. If tbat bo adborcitl to tJtc pleura ocMtanim,
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[^■tones do not show any inclination to leave Ibcir place in Ibc pill-
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the II festoons, to the median line behind. Often two light-
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with pain or inconvenience, but after a time it be-
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and duodenum. (From bot fly with orange or gray hairs on tail).
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case of other parasites, extension may follow the water-shed, and
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extremity of the /d'wa/if coiled in spiral, terminating obtusely and
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clipping ; shaving ; hair extraction, cocaine ; unguents ; unguentum
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ities in thickness from root to point. It is matted with scabs and
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stant excitement day and night the subject becomes emaciated and
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its blood red color from which its name is taken. Body cylin-
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substituting bovine for ovine victim, and source. Lesions : Bronchitis ;
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tioi-s; nni) lhi» vii^w nouli] beat explain Uio amititutioniil iBeOiaa,
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it ba found that tho patient was not giTcn to diinking, and if the above
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tlic! bd (hat tlK-ir bi.-quL'ncy is not nt all in pra|>ortion to tlic ictenu,
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tive. Megnin gives kamala in doses of 40 to 60 grains, with or
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these being placed on a red-hot shovel, or in an iron pot contain-
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and rats to the paws and face of the cat, and thence to the chil-
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near the head and encreasing until longer than broad. The ovi-
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var. Bovis, (Dermatophagus Bovis), does not differ in ap-
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tines of sheep. It is common in man, and rodents (rats, mice,
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