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I enlargiM) and usually roundnl liver^la a|)]M.-«r HtluT filbtd whb
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able, when their follicles are the seat of excessive exudation or
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nitis at its commcncmiciit rniy n-ith (ho cnuwis which IndtMe it.
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person makes to breathe the more difficult it is to do
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6 to 7 lines long, and has a greenish or bluish green color. The
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furnish embryos the following spring. The embryos pass out
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sult thus. After the piiociHret the skin may be lejrt. woU grvaxA
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those seen in the sheep and resembling miliary tuberculosis. At
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of which are habitually found in the stomach, and which do not
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often occurs in a very short time, and then the contrast is very strik-
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cfudcmics, but in tho tropica in the endemic fevers, this influenoi frt--
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with hemispherical elevations ; depressions on dorsum ; venter
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year's absence of the sheep, or of the unknown host of the cystic
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alimial blade Next to the spleen, the grrau>ai amount of pigment i*
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Female. Dorsal shield elongate from before backward, some-
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Thift is to be taken before breakfast, iu four do:>es at interrah uf
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gvry tca-'hes us to be peculiarly carofu! in opaiiin;^ abstv^ses of ths-
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the sufferer eats voraciously, is always hungry, but
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ranges for at least one year before the lambs are admitted to it,
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kinds, viz., intermittent and remittent fevers; but
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during cndi-mic dysc-otery. For, In this diacow*, tho lirer (s not
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mctastaacs in the luiigx. Acnirditig to thu cxphunliotis there given,
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infection which acted on the animals themselves. It must also be
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tial connective tissue. The latter is greatly increased ij» tnterstiltal
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' wbetiicr in hi^li forer producta form from tbe eaocouve tniuiifonaft-
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disease is once developed the attacks occur frequent-
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posteriorly, causing serrations ; larva unknown ; in small intestine, injurious
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lostuial utoors, and in ukvraliona of the ooDcum, and the VBraufiarm
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to ten days ; larva, nympha, mature, ovigerous. Fecundity : New genera-
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rcdnoed below its normal aim ; at the same time it ocquina a daife-
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of llie ehuii^ of tULHue. But I tlo not consider even this explanation
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color and the edges roughened, elevated above the skin and the
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question, and render the propagation of the tape- worm impossi-
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cnusen an increased fiilnes:! of the intestinal veins; c«nsei|iiontly their
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the case of taenia expansa. It may be borne in mind that the
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in the expectoration. This last, the only real diagnostic symptom,
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wings pale brown ; face yellow ; 14 to 17 mm. long. Larva i
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affected tlie ductus choledochus, thcra is also intcnxo ictcraa, and other
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Epithelial cancer develops on the lips and at other
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bo pf(in>M tuumlly tvrminatea witli llio adlx'sion of the inllamcti partly
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to the sarcoptes minor as in rabbits. The ovigerous female is .36
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atine ; epilans yellow pellicle and rapid liquefaction. Inoculation with skin
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mucosa from which it protruded its head through a small open-
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not coitstant, nculc yellow ntiopliy "f tiic \\wr would apjioar to lieloog
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toms may appear in from four to six weeks after invasion b}^ the