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and abandoned, deplete the vascular system, the recuperation of
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minal ones being the longest and about equal ; in the female the
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perforation by the larvae. In examining alleged cases this must
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lymphatic tumors wc may try injections of tincture of iodine, or
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service for another. Examination of the parts shows an excessive
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Pulex Goniocephalus : Flea of Rabbit and Hare, is char-
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which can also, if need be, fill out the round of their existence in-
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FoUiculorum V. hominis, in human nose, etc., causing comedon. De-
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ivo by])cni*inia, if it continues lor a long time, on account of oontlnuod
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lyimncea visitor in Buenos Ayres, but this has not been demon-
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^ liver nnA amybiid dogcomatioa of the kidneys. Only tbo Mrond bolf
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soon reach a fatal extension. This fly is very predatory attack-
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and even ulceration of the mucosa. The congestion may have
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burden). Fly, iron yellow. Larva in stomach and intes-
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attack a whole flock in a few days. Neumann has observed that
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and obstinate diarrhoea. Wising finds the parasite much smaller
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row handle exceeds blades ; length of ripe segments thrice the breadth ;
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where epithelial) cells. First, small round protoplasmic masses,
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taken at the beginning of an attack will invariably
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this as effective as it ought to be, because of our utter ignorance
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mammals, and might be mistaken for psoric acari. They are
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the flies without endangering larger animals. Sticky fly paper and
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cxudalioQH. But, on examininjf tho bodies of pcnuos dyiag 6vm
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off the next generation of the parasitic organism. This is usually
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gri[Hi]g, insupportable pain, uhich starts from the right hypochondriitti)
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Parasites are naturally divided into the vegetable and animal.
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cases the embryos may often be detected in the bronchial mucus.
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the irritation extreme and extensive, colics and scouring may be
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and uriK-K. X^liilc tliii n^'mptura alao is torely alncnt in ianrbosi8,tlw
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ally a thin tniusparcnt layer of cna^aled IJbrin, wUidi maty he poeled
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CEstrus Nasalis. (Gastrtjs Nasalis, Gastrophilus Na-
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skin has been prepared by soaking with soap suds and thorough
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nvued Uie brain-symptouis in scvero malarial di&cases. This view,
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brane, and with its free posterior end projecting beyond the body
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Dispharagus Nasutus : Large papillae on sides of mouth ; constriction in
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that if a person abstains from eating meat, lentils,
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contents are BulijeettHl to prcutcr pressure, and arc iin|>elled more
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many heads in one cyst from one ovum ; (c) echinococcus, many cysts from
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to the caudal fourth of the body. The ova are very numerous,
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cat, tiger and hog, respectively, a common description may serve
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cause of the rapid encrease of the parasites and centrifugal
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In the following table the species under each primary division
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has entirely healed, the defect is supplied by pow-
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I^narly, ii» (i> itie pbysical llpw c<f ink-rviitial hi-patitis, ia thi
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or acariasis caused by the symplectoptes, but under the micro-
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unthrifty herd shows this verminous disease of the stomach on
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and perish in far greater numbers than do the mature sheep.
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ckioni'-. iiiflummutions and dogcncFations of ibo abdominnl viaocn, sBd
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h»TC «vcu obvliiMtc diorrhcca in non-j^lhisical patients, wl>erc eseea-
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011(1 |wrf<-ct cure of the patient In one case after the eracunUon of tlw
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usually herald an early death, from the third to the eighth day
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