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Soft, hairy skin, bright color, larvae burrow in skin. Trombidium Holo-
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A specific in go7iorrhea, gleet, and inflammation of the
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and the very restricted development of generative organs seem
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segmented ovum in the bile ducts, intestines or pools of water.
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•olvrai (A an intlanmuUioii or ulocralioii of one of tlw abdotniiul orgnna,
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scopic distoma, being broad in front and narrowed behind, the
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Bugs of pigeon nest: Flat body, long sucking trunk, margin of body
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small rodents, sparrows. Pathogenesis : Duodenal catarrh ; vermifuge treat-
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must be made to prevent its admission by these channels. Ponds
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secure a specimen, or the hard bony one may be incised and
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ing wool from follicles, bare patches with sores and eruptions ; wooly parts
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and isolated, but later, thick, hard, resistant and continuous,
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with i^noriil nillt>ritig, tliorv U no dilSrulty iii Ui« dingnciiu,
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fresh water invertebrate host placed in a saline liquid are likely to
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^od, (Itere is a slight jaundice, wliicJi is very tpmpomry if tbe imp(K>
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In walking through, the animal gets an uniform coating of the oily
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in a mucosa weakened by other diseases or by the presence of
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(KUtni ImprofM-r to refer (his s>'Tnptom also to ubstruntton of Om res
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way into the abdominal air sacs, and pass thence into the bronchia.
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(hx\ Tlio strength luid nutrition aleo improve rapi<lly.
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lowed by the rose cockchafer (Cetonia aurata), and the hatched
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I cum, niM, tho |alioDts usually die of cihaustioa, anil but few rccOTOr
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ubttflA depends on tlio fact tlut blood-coqtuscJea tux) d<.-btro;cU by
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finally imfnnited by tlw pun. If ibn perfuration lake plaev thnnigli
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quills of hens, pigeons and other birds without appreciably im-
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masses and in these the filaments may disappear. Cultures of the
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soon after eating, a distended, full feeling of the
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thogenesis : in meatus causes irritation, head-shaking, rubbing, nervous dis-
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cretes in scabs or mats the adjacent hairs. The spots may unite
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chronic abscesses. Perroncito in 1863 found these bodies in the
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in short comma. Anal shields of male absent. Coxse I not bifid ;
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not tin' iwaeUtion b.- tno<t«ratvd by a liberal aupfdy of bydroga la
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in the nests and about the building in the case of dove cots and
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truntworthy observations, it Btill appears probable tbat, in the wliole
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larging posteriorly ; intestine straight ; anus terminal. Male i
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longer and narrower segments (10 to 12 mm. broad). Ova, 48 to
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in Mauritius, Argas Hermanni in Egypt, Argas Moubata in
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■itRaminntion is propagated from neighboring oi;gans, is far leas ttrik-
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this waste material, and as a result we have inflam-
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The cercaria from the cysts probably enters the gall ducts from
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the rectum ; this sometimes restores permeability at once. ThcMi
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to guatnxluodmal ratAtrh, iudunxl by tbe aanw CBUwa that excite
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as 600. Its length is 10 to 30 centimetres, greatest breadth
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of the marked difference in the size, and if this were accepted,
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ozs. , mix, divide into 30 powders and give one daily, f This has
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absence of albumen and above all by the presence of heads
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