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time. In a few minutes it may be swept out and buried or placed

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wne^ 7 herefore fiid I, that he Jhall ta\e of rvme.

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D. Maggii. 2 circles of buccal cilia, i caudal (often im-

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same successive developmental stages as the C. Perforans. Fick

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Fly 5 to 6 lines, black or brownish, with short smoky wings. Ova black on

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Varieties : P. Communis v. Equi. Horse. General surface.

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ciliated in its posterior tworthirds only. (Manson). The further

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stantly attached around the vulva of the female. "Th^ female has

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Infusoria : Lamblia Intestinalis : Small intestine. Harmless.

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there comes marked drooping of the back and loins (hollow-

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phites of lime and soda should be given in tablespoonful

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over, bcsiilcs the lanlitcocnis di.^cncntMMi of tfae sploca, Uiere is uauall;

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^Kon, both by faispeetioa and palgutioa as well as by poicuutoo. He

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subject under the use of vermifuges, and on another occasion has

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ciation is already shown in the ab.sence of sub-cutaneous and

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they prove parasitic only at one stage of their development.

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to the parts around. In nuiny cases, besides tlic h_vperiropliy, tlicrv

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tumors have a dense outer covering of the thickened walls of the

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Life-History. Development. This differs in some respects

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ia nut well l>omo, tlic tec of f^iics, butter, eta, sliouUl Ini juat at

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nilTian, Imney, and ullx-r sulmlaticoii, by which oliiUIni) were formerly

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present time and in our eastern markets scabby sheep are fre-

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Cats, dogs or hogs coughing up a rusty or bloody sputum,

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