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The Sarcophaga Magnifica, however, the Lucilia (Campso-

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great depression, dullness, and even trembling, with short, hur-

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of the air sacs, lungs and bronchia ; and the sclerostoma syn-

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the syngamus trachealis, the male being lo mm. long and the

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sulted. The one diagnostic .symptom is the discovery of spores

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II) (o Uie ntmpliir funn "f nulmt'ifliver bi'ingtyxif'up. ' ''i i-iiTbi>

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usually present, but especially so, if there is pressure on the op-

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ments, and transmitting the disease in the home flocks of the

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boil, burn or deeply bury victims ; put new purchases on dry, saudy soil or

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worms. Prevention : Avoid infested pastures and streams, especially for

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nrc l>nnic, nnd, if thpy ar« not, wo ftbould bo satisfied with n^gulating

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Treatment. In localized actinomycosis removal by the knife,

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Smearing. In exposed hilly regions, like the Highlands of

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larum var. Canis, the ovigerous female of which is .46 to .50

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ated near the end especially in I, giving a hunch-backed appear-

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■which eats grass or drinks water having the eggs. T. Serialis : Small in-

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a month has passed. This will insure a radical cure

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teristics as that of the rabbit and rat, but it has not been shown

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iO<allod psnuiloleueliannia, hosides tbo affection nf the spleen, than b

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an attaok of junxlioo is far nora dangofoui. Tboao raivly l>i-f:iii with

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the head is small and the buccal capsule constricted, with a

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given species of host but do not attack them alone. Facultative parasite.

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debility, anaemia and even death. The affection is dangerous in

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Distribution. This tick is very common in forests and un-

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temporary inconvenience from the sting, while in Redi's hands it

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creas or other .solid organ. It is destitute of sexual organs, and

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■ Besides the ctosely-podccd noraia) elements of the pulp of the spicen

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early .stages can be slaughtered. Advanced ca.ses are poor and

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left collar bone. From this vein it is carried with

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external apophysis. Dart (hypostome) with 4 rows of teeth on

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below; in the axillary line it is usunlly above the elevcDtb rib; in the

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liu portal vein, but aliK) tlmsc whiTre coagiiJalion of tbo ooutcnU uf

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DO longer held ; iillhou<*h it is said that pntienis with lit^rdiscnse are

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poral angle. Eight species are described as infesting the pigeon

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Dr. Gunn's Home Cough Lozenge. — A pleasant and efficacious

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cephalic third, so that they appear as if one organism and have

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tion of the inlertrabecular slices from (ho hypcneinic sweltiDg, vcir

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mind that in all cases of cholera the family physician

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lii-KT, or if it has subsciuisitly broken through the vail uf nno of tbrao

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trachea, while the branches that extend to the lungs

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noticed. The excess of cerumen and the moving acari are diag-

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sexes, and the denticles on the lower surface of the dart (hypos-

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are described, in chickens (2), pigeons (i), pheasant (i), pea-fowl

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more advanced and inveterate cases the frequent douching with

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paraplegia yielded to anthelimintics (Damitz). The conclusive

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