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being thrown forward by the spleno- phrenic ligament, llie dislo-
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even say Ibal it is cxocpiioiuil for culculi in tiie jt&ll-bladder to cauae
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of pulmonary consolidation, and usually wheezing. There may
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or tlic ])byHit-ian do not recpgnixe the ugitificancc uf tho disease. It
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cles, and after a day or two pass to other joints or
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rhosis are vory sunilar to tboae of simple hyperasmia of the liver; the
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animals, due to the presence in the gall ducts of two species of
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all verminous epizootics, the result of the bringing together of the
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^■h*|Mtliiit** dn«in> In tmiuitr, (o intnxluoo n eathotrr, rtidy a few drop*
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thi' cvmirnrltoas of the abilfiminal muaelDO, wltich UMolly occur, greatly
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are found debris of the worms and purulent contents.
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testine, having attained about 2 mm. long by 12 to 14 fi. broad,
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jects), and by tonics, nux, gentian, echinacea. Fowler's solution,
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Quea,** The long clurution of llie ditiL<usc% tlie s1if(liU)CS8 of tlw tottTt
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duces its eggs, often over lOo. This causes much inflammation,
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ored. Fiimlly, u'O tnuot mention (niore inrticulaHy as this portly
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nourish the child and improve its general condition
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may produce diffuse haemorrhagic hepatitis or peritonitis.
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tendency to rubbing of the face, and that no grubs are discharged
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till vcrr late, sad, ei-en when largv lamon way bo felt in lite liver,
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renal maeh. Among others, J-'reriefis saw albuminuda occur witli-
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and debility may be present. On parting the wool the melopha-
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ox. It can be readily distinguished from the sarcoptes of the
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production of a new brood of larva which alone prove predaceous.
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constitutional blood disease which has already been
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ing that of the head. As the fourth segment ripens it is promptly
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passages, unci Iho development of a collateral cimdatina This mav
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tened or ragged, with white tufts rubbed out or pulled out by the
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certain cases be attributed to a complex infection with pyogenic
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part stand erect and bristly, and many drop off, or are rubbed
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tubernnoea, with ibo previoualy-desctibed peculiarities of hydatid cyets,
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Rockies, Plains east to Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. In duodenum and
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swelling of the joints; or it may develop gradually
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chophyton ectothrix of the circinate ringworm of the ox.
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the ligaments are stretched or torn, without a frac-
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