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Hello soon-to-be brides, grooms, fellow wedding photographers or anyone else who might simply be stalking me because you heard rumors that I look so damn good in a speedo (I see ya Mom)! My name is Ryan, a Lake Arrowhead wedding photographer, and this is my wedding website. I like to think of this place as my personal photography exhibit where I can showcase whatever the f*** I want anytime. That includes people drinking beer, groomsmen getting goat nasty and the types of jump kicks that would in fact neutralize a crane kick. If you came here hoping to see photos of brides being dip kissed or couples being photographed in front of some water fountain I am sorry to disappoint you but feel free to check out The Knot. If you like my photographs and want to experience the awesome then shoot me an email and let's talk about your wedding over a phone call, Skype or at a bar where we can have a couple beers! Act now because supplies are going fast! - Cheers

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