We Are Engaged!

Engaged Couples

There is nothing more amazing than finding that special someone. Romeo & Juliet, Lady & The Tramp, Ben Affleck & Matt Damon, or maybe just two awesome people like you and your special someone. In fact, there is an old saying from a western tribe in Mongolia that says "морь явдаг хүн". It means a man is totally complete when he has found his other half, his soul mate. Although that Mongolian saying does loosely translate in English to "Man Without a Horse". Horses were actually really important in Mongoloian culture so it really is a 50/50 chance the saying wasn't about a woman but rather a horse. Regardless, we must move forward. Above are a small collection of engagement photos I captured throughout this year. Each couple had their own uniqueness, originality and story to tell. My only goal when photographing each engaged couple was to capture a glimpse of their personalities, style and energy.

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