Married !

Wedding Photos

Above is a small collection of wedding photos captured this past year featuring some AWESOME brides and grooms I was lucky enough to photograph on their wedding day. Each one of these photos is a glimpse into that day and a small piece of a much greater story that continues to be told.

As a wedding photographer based in Southern California I am thankful for the many AMAZING people I have had the opportunity to photograph. From Palm Springs weddings in the desert to weddings on mountainsides in Yosemite, from the weddings in the Temecula wineries to modern weddings in Los Angeles, I have traveled to so many cool places in Southern California, but all of the places I traveled were nowhere near as cool as the people. Becasue, well... I can't take shots of Fireball with a cactus, hit the dance floor with Half Dome or have a rad conversation with a vineyard grape. I mean I guess I sort of could but it would probably scare people and result in me folding the wedding photography business, which would lead to drinking, the wife leaving me for a muscular latino fellow like AC Slater and eventually me getting a job as restroom attendant at one of those posh gentlemen's clubs in Tijuana.